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Tile Trends That Will Set Your Home Apart from the Rest!

The Best Tile Trends In the past, tiles were limited to the kitchen or the bathroom only. That is not the case anymore. Thanks to the latest technologies, tiles are now used in other spaces throughout the house. With all the new finishes, effects and colourful prints, tiles can now add a stylish statement to … Continue reading “Tile Trends That Will Set Your Home Apart from the Rest!”

Which Tile Is Best For Your Adelaide Bathroom!

Choosing The Right Tile: When it comes to designing your Adelaide bathroom, the tiles you choose will set the tone for everything else. Whether on the floor, in the shower or on the walls, tiles are the first thing you notice in a bathroom. With all the different tiles available in the market today, choosing … Continue reading “Which Tile Is Best For Your Adelaide Bathroom!”

Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom!

How To Choose Tiles For A Small Bathroom Everyone seems to hold the same dream when it comes to their perfect Adelaide bathroom – a large, spa-like oasis. However, if you have a  bathroom that is a little on the smaller side, you’re luckier than you think you are! With a smaller space, you can … Continue reading “Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom!”

The Benefits of Ceramic Tiles

Why Choose Ceramic Tiles? Tiles like ceramic and porcelain are some of the most popular flooring materials in home and businesses across Adelaide. Tiles can be so versatile in any interior or exterior area and prove to be a durable flooring material that will provide your space with premium functionality. Today we look at ceramic … Continue reading “The Benefits of Ceramic Tiles”

Building a New Home?

Here’s Why You Should Choose Tiles for Flooring! When building a new home, it’s no secret that selecting everything from your layout to finishes and fixtures through to the wall colour can be an overwhelming task. However, one area of any new home that you should take serious time to consider is your flooring. Often … Continue reading “Building a New Home?”

How to Select a Tile That Will Never Date

Tips For Choosing Tiles When it comes to making home improvements, it can be easy to go with trends that seem popular at the time. However, more often than not, these trends tend to date quickly resulting in a space that is dated and out of fashion. Not only can home interiors make an area … Continue reading “How to Select a Tile That Will Never Date”

Looking To Enhance Your Space?

Here’s How The Perfect Tile Can Help! Fretting about the current status of the real estate market does not get you anywhere. While some experts are saying that we can all expect a “softening” in the market, clearly who can know? One thing for sure, we need a roof over our heads which is primarily … Continue reading “Looking To Enhance Your Space?”

How Tiles Can Help You Create The Perfect Kitchen Space!

Choosing The Perfect Tiles Have you been to a home and noticed their breath-taking kitchen? What attracted you the most to it? The cabinets and the organisation perhaps or the clean look? Undoubtedly, your full vantage point included the blank spaces all around – it is these empty spaces that give it that distinct look. … Continue reading “How Tiles Can Help You Create The Perfect Kitchen Space!”

What To Look For In An Adelaide Tile Supplier

Things To Consider When Buying Tiles When it comes to selecting tiles for your home, it is a decision that requires careful consideration. Ensuring you choose the right tile can give you the impression of more space, even in the smallest of rooms. With the right tile, you also open your home up to the … Continue reading “What To Look For In An Adelaide Tile Supplier”

The Most Popular Bathroom Tiles Of 2018

2018 Bathroom Tile Trends The tiles in our homes have certainly come a long way over the years; with the vast array of shapes, sizes, colours and textures available. This 2018 saw a significant amount of new tile trends come to the surface and allowing homeowners to create spaces in their homes that are unique, … Continue reading “The Most Popular Bathroom Tiles Of 2018”