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Looking For On-Trend Tiles Without the Hefty Pricetag? Head to Aurees Tiles Today!

Today, tiles play a significant role in the interior design world. Their use is not just limited to bathrooms and kitchens anymore. With the wide variety of trends and designs you can integrate tiles in any part of your Adelaide house. At Aurees Tiles, we have always been committed to providing our customers with a … Continue reading “Looking For On-Trend Tiles Without the Hefty Pricetag? Head to Aurees Tiles Today!”

How To Clean Your Tile Grout And Make It Look New Again!

Does your tile grout need cleaning? Is it hard to tell what the original grout colour was? Was is white or tan? Grout is the filling between the tiles. Brownish discoloured grout will make your Adelaide kitchen or bathroom look dirtier than it actually is. Regular mopping will clean the tiles only. Fortunately, there are … Continue reading “How To Clean Your Tile Grout And Make It Look New Again!”

Tips For Cleaning Your Tiles!

Grimy tiles? Yuck! Don’t let lousy cleaning habits ruin your tiles! Not cleaning your tiles with due diligence can take away from your Adelaide home’s beauty dramatically. Accumulated filth and grease can do a lot worse than cloud up your tile walls and floors. As bacteria and fungi begin their invasion, gross smells and serious … Continue reading “Tips For Cleaning Your Tiles!”

The Tile Trends You Need to Follow This Season!

Interior design, like fashion and haircuts, is highly susceptible to the passing of time. Trends come and go, materials and technology changes and your home is expected to keep up. Perhaps 10 years ago, your home was a real beauty! But unless you’ve been continuously making updates, chances are it’s now somehow outdated. We get … Continue reading “The Tile Trends You Need to Follow This Season!”

Why You Should Choose Aurees Tiles

Tiles are versatile design elements that can breathe new life into any space within your Adelaide home, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. No matter what you are trying to portray in your home, from luxury to simplicity, tiles can work in your favour. Not only do tiles look stylish, clean and sleek, but they are … Continue reading “Why You Should Choose Aurees Tiles”

The Way Tiles Can Transform Your Adelaide Home

Tiles have been around for ages, decorating and improving homes everywhere. Despite their long history, tiles are far from outdated. With an endless variety of shapes, designs and colours, you can incorporate tiling into nearly everything. It is the reason why tiling is so classic and a staple in so many homes. To this date, … Continue reading “The Way Tiles Can Transform Your Adelaide Home”

Why You Should Come to Aurees Tiles!

Are you redesigning your bathroom or doing a full home renovation and need tiles for the floors and walls? Is there a specific tile design you are looking for or do you need a variety of tile options to choose from? No matter what your tiles requirements are, Aurees Tiles showroom in Adelaide is the … Continue reading “Why You Should Come to Aurees Tiles!”

The Tile That Looks Good Anywhere!

With thousands of tile options available in the market today, it is a challenging task to find the perfect tile for your Adelaide home or even narrow down your choices. But what if we told you that there is ONE tile that would suit any location and complement every room’s decoration? Marble tiles are not … Continue reading “The Tile That Looks Good Anywhere!”

Tiles That Will Make You Smile, That’s Aurees Tiles!

Ever since it was established in 2009, Aurees Tiles has always been customer oriented and keen to provide an extensive range of tiles. Our showroom in Adelaide provides all of your tiling needs under one roof. As a factory direct outlet, we also offer our clients with very competitive prices. Our high-quality products, excellent customer … Continue reading “Tiles That Will Make You Smile, That’s Aurees Tiles!”

5 Tips for Selecting Your Ideal Tile!

Choosing the right tiles for your Adelaide home can be overwhelming, especially with the full range of options available today. You do not know where to start. At Aurees Tiles, we pride ourselves on offering our clients in Adelaide an extensive range of tiles that would complement any room. Our experienced staff will always be … Continue reading “5 Tips for Selecting Your Ideal Tile!”