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Which Tile Is Best For Your Adelaide Bathroom!

Choosing The Right Tile:

When it comes to designing your Adelaide bathroom, the tiles you choose will set the tone for everything else. Whether on the floor, in the shower or on the walls, tiles are the first thing you notice in a bathroom. With all the different tiles available in the market today, choosing the most suitable tile for your bathroom can be overwhelming.

At Aurees Tiles, we understand how tiles can change the whole atmosphere of your bathroom. That is why we do not just offer you an extensive variety of bathroom tiles. Our team also assesses your needs and advise you on the best bathroom tiles to choose.

Choose a Colour Palette

Building a colour palette for your bathroom tiles could be very challenging. It will create the whole atmosphere of the bathroom.

A good starting point is to choose a neutral colour and build around that. You can then find another tile you like, to complement the overall look or add in pops of colour with bathroom accessories, like towels.

Choosing light coloured bathroom tiles will make your small Adelaide bathroom look bigger and brighter.

Neutral Colour For Bathroom Floor

If you use eye-catching tile colours for your bathroom floor, you will be drawing the attention downwards. Neutral coloured floors will serve as a base, allowing the eye to see the rest of the bathroom space and giving you a chance to integrate different colours on the walls.

Keep Your Bathroom Size In Mind

The size of your Adelaide bathroom is the critical factor that should determine the tiles size you choose.

Although it might not sound logical, large tiles can make the bathroom space seem more significant. They create fewer grout lines, which will make the wall or the floor feel like one continuous surface rather than divided by multiple tiles.

Diagonally-Placed Bathroom Tiles

Another tip to make your Adelaide bathroom look bigger and more open is to place the tiles in a diagonal pattern. The V-shape of the diagonally-placed bathroom tiles, create the feeling of more openness, unlike the grid pattern that promotes the sense of being boxed-in, especially in small bathrooms.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you are looking for durable bathroom tiles that do not require much maintenance and are water and stain resistant, think porcelain or ceramic. Unlike natural stone tiles, which are more porous and therefore need proper maintenance.

Small bathroom tiles, like a mosaic, require more grout lines. These lines collect stains and mould and are difficult to clean.

Use Different Tiles

Using only one type of tiles and sticking to one colour will make your Adelaide bathroom look dull. You should mix different tile types, colours and sizes to give your bathroom an exciting look. Be careful though, not to overdo it. Try to limit yourself to three different tiles maximum; otherwise, your bathroom will feel crowded.

To get expert advice and the best selection of tiles in Adelaide, contact Aurees Tiles today or enquire online!