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Tile Trends That Will Set Your Home Apart from the Rest!

The Best Tile Trends

In the past, tiles were limited to the kitchen or the bathroom only. That is not the case anymore. Thanks to the latest technologies, tiles are now used in other spaces throughout the house. With all the new finishes, effects and colourful prints, tiles can now add a stylish statement to any room of your Adelaide house.

At Aurees Tiles, we are proud to present you with more than 100 different varieties of tiles. In our showroom in Adelaide, you will find an extensive range of tiles that will compliment your indoor and outdoor areas. Our experienced team will assist you to get the best and most suitable tiles in Adelaide for your home.

Here are the latest tile trends to inspire you:

Shades of Blue

Blue is one of the most popular colours of tiles this year. From soft to electric blue and all the shades in between, blue is integrated into the interior design to create a revitalising atmosphere in your Adelaide home.

Big Pattern Tiles

Digitally printed large tiles with minimal grout lines create the same look of wallpapers. They are even being marketed as the “ceramic wallpaper”. With a wide variety of prints and colours, these tiles are becoming very popular. They present you with the elegant look of wallpapers, while still maintaining the durability and practicality of tiles.

These decorative tiles come as stand-alone patterns on each tile or tiles pieced together to create a larger design.

Traditional Looks

Old famous patterns and forms are making a very successful comeback this year. From 18th century patterns to inspirations from famous old architecture, these tiles are designed to make the old feel new again.

Designs vary from mixed and matched patterns to vibrant colours, bringing the nostalgic sentiment and cultural qualities of the past with the latest technologies of today.

Herringbone Pattern

This favourite pattern of hardwood floorings is returning with tiles this time, as the retro style is trending in tile designs. These tiles will add a classic feel to your Adelaide house, but with a modern twist.

Wooden-Effect Tiles

With wood as still one of the favourite materials in interior designs, wooden-effect tiles are becoming more and more popular every year. These tiles provide you with a more durable and easy to clean alternative to real hardwood while keeping the same warm and cozy look of wood.

Wood-look tiles come now in various looks and patterns that add the same rustic style of wood to your Adelaide home.

Black and White

With black and white tiles you can never go wrong, especially for your bathroom. Striped, optical together with more classic tile patterns are also making a big comeback this year.

Concrete-Effect Tiles

Raw and unfinished looks are trending now in interior designs. The wide variety of concrete-look tiles will provide you with this exact look.  

For an extensive range of the best tiles in Adelaide, all very competitively priced, visit Aurees Tiles showroom today!