2018 Kitchen Tile Trends

Kitchen Tile Trends

Tiles have come a long way over time, with an abundance of shapes, sizes, colours and textures available. Not to mention the many ways we can use them. 2018 has seen a multitude of tile trends hit Australian shores, working a sense of style and pizza into any kitchen space. However, with so many choices available it can be hard to make the right tile decision for your new kitchen or existing makeover.

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To help make the tile selection process a little easier, we have listed the range of kitchen tile trends that have proved popular amongst Australians this year:

Kitchen Tile Mosaics

When it comes to your kitchen splashback, gone are the days of a bland, neutral tile. If you want to bring this prominent kitchen feature to life, why not embrace your creativity and go for a mosaic design?

You don’t have to go crazy here, simply covering your entire splashback with a uniquely shaped tile of a single colour will still have a stylish, yet dramatic effect. Using grout that is in contrast with your chosen tile will also highlight the unique tiles shape.

Textured Kitchen Tiles

Whether you’re looking for a large or small tile for your kitchen, choosing a tile with an interesting texture can create a point of difference without going over the top. The details become obvious as light hits the tile surface and its rough texture adds an extra dimension to a kitchen with a neutral colour palette.

Marble Kitchen Tiles

2018 has been an enormous year for marble. Not just for tiles, but for all areas of the home. Marble creates a stunning, luxurious visual that will fit both modern and traditional Adelaide homes. While marble can often be expensive, you can still track down quality alternatives.

There are porcelain slab tiles available that look like luxury marble stones. Since porcelain is much cheaper, you can buy slabs of it so that you can match your countertop and splashback. While it may not be the real thing, it will still give you the same effect at a lower price.

Neutral Kitchen Tiles

You can’t go wrong with a neutral colour scheme when it comes to kitchen tiles. Done well and it will remain timeless, ensuring your kitchen space is continually in style and saving you thousands in the long run.

Need Kitchen Tiles? See Auree!

At Aurees Tiles, we are continually updating our tile range to ensure that we are keeping up with design trends. If you’re looking at renovating your kitchen or you’re starting from new, pay a visit to our Cavan showroom; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!