2021 Tiles Trends You Need In Your Adelaide Kitchen

Don’t leave your Adelaide kitchen out of this year’s tile trends! People often transform their living area and leave their kitchen out of all the fun.

This won’t only lead to a disconnect between your living room and your kitchen, but it will also seem like you couldn’t be bothered to put enough effort into your Adelaide home’s tiling.

These 2021 tile trends will serve aesthetic purposes in your kitchen and help you out because of their functionality. Here are some tile trends you need in your Adelaide kitchen.


Wood tiles for Adelaide kitchen

Wood tiles never go out of style, especially in the kitchen. Wood flooring tends to look amazing in the kitchen. They give it a rustic farm-style look that other types of flooring can’t provide. However, wood flooring is too hard to maintain and isn’t durable enough to remain in the kitchen.

They quickly show dents, marks, and other forms of damage, so they’ll require frequent changes and be expensive. You don’t need wood flooring in your kitchen to get the fantasy—you can get wood floor tiles!

You can get the wood floor tiles in marble or porcelain, as they look like wood tiles! Porcelain tiles are also highly durable, so we can guarantee you’ll be enjoying your tiles for a long time!


A mix of white and black

People usually choose white or black tiling designs for their kitchen tiles, but what about the grey area?

Grey tiling has been rising in popularity since people have started losing interest in the cliché black and white tiles in their Adelaide kitchen.

You can leave your white or black cupboards and add the grey tiles. It adds an extra dimension and will make them stand out more.

Plus, if you’re looking at it from an interior décor point of view, grey is a fantastic neutral that helps to give your kitchen a cosy and welcoming feel. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so it wouldn’t hurt to make it more inviting!


Stone tiles

Natural stone tiles are unique in their look. They give you myriad harmonious colours that are so shiny that your eyes will never leave the floor of your Adelaide kitchen. They can never go out of style as long as they are in their lane.

With a natural stone tile in your kitchen, you can use colours like brown, beige, and white at once due to the array of colours and designs they provide. 

No two tiles are alike, so trust us, you’ll never get tired of looking at them in your kitchen.

Natural stone tiles like porcelain are also highly durable, so you won’t have to change them for long.

These tiling trends will satisfy your inner interior designer and serve you for a long time in your kitchen. Can’t seem to decide on the tile trend you want?

Well, let Aurees Tiles handle that for you.

We offer premium tiling services to our Adelaide customers and have yet to have an unsatisfied customer. Contact us to advise you on the best tiles that would fit your kitchen.