A Guide In Choosing The Right Tiles for Your Adelaide Bathroom

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Your bathroom tiles are probably the most important among the other tiles in your Adelaide home. They’re so important that the wrong tiles can cause accidents; you could slip, fall and break something. It’s very tempting to go for the cheaper tiles, but you should consider the long-term benefits or effects. 

Choosing the wrong tiles means you have to manage it till you can afford to fix another set of bathroom tiles, as it’s not a cheap project. Your bathroom tiles also cover your backsplash and floor, so you’ll be covering multiple areas. 

You’ll have no cause for regret once you know the things to look out for when choosing bathroom tiles:

Point of focus

There are different eye-catching areas in your bathroom. But the question is, where do you want to focus? You may, for example, concentrate on your backsplash tiles, which are the wall tiles, and select colourful ones. Wall tiles are an excellent point of focus because it’s the first thing one would look at when they step into a bathroom.

You could also choose to focus on your floor tiles and have them done in a unique pattern. You could even choose to make both your floor and wall tiles eye-catching. Again, knowing what you want to make your bathroom stand out will help you choose the right tiles.

Preferred tiles

There are different types of tiles you can select from. For example, there are marble, ceramic, mosaic etc. In which you should check them out to see the one you’d love in your bathroom.

You could either like your tiles because of their colour, texture or you simply like their shine. It is preferable to research the various available tiles to make the selection process much easier. You don’t need to look through dozens of tiles to get the one you want in your bathroom.

To make this easier, go online and look for tiling mood boards and select the ones that’ll look better in your Adelaide home. What sort of tiles do you love? Shiny or grainy ones? Colourful or classy ones? Aurees tiles have all the tiles you could think of and more; we have the tiles you’d love to see in your Adelaide bathroom.

Pros and cons

Once you’ve selected the tiles you’d love to see in your room, weigh their pros and cons. Not every tile is meant to be in a bathroom. Stone tiles perform poorly in wet areas, and they will also age poorly if used in your shower.

Once you’ve selected the tiles you’d love, you can research how negatively or positively they’d affect your bathroom, so you’ll know how viable your tiling options are.

Your bathroom space

There are tiles, like mosaic tiles, that are small-sized and can fit into small bathrooms. If your bathroom isn’t spacious, you’ll have to select small tiles as large tiles are unsuitable.

The major thing you must not forget in selecting bathroom tiles is your budget. So while you’re considering all these tips, make sure you occasionally check your budget to ensure you’re not surpassing it.

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