A Guide to Choosing the Right Tiles Combination For Your Bathroom

One of the essential parts of your Adelaide bathroom is the tiles. The tile combination in your bathroom determines how frequently you’ll clean it, affecting how often you’ll have to use it. The tile combination in your bathroom is the floor and wall tiles.

You’ll hate it when you can’t step into your bathroom to do the simplest things because of how hard you’ll have to clean it.

Don’t just select tiles because of how pretty they look; analyse how they’ll perform in your bathroom. Here’s a guide that’ll help you choose the right tile combination for your bathroom:



You need tiles that can perform excellently in your bathroom. For example, the bathroom area is wet because of how much water is splashed while you’re bathing or doing your skincare routine.

The tile combination you select in your bathroom has to be tiles that can handle water. Some tiles perform poorly when water touches them; they get mouldy or break down. You don’t want bathroom tiles that you’ll have to change every six months or a year.

Prevent this by choosing water-resistant bathroom tiles for your walls and floors.


Easy to Clean

Your bathroom is the go-to place to wash off the day’s dirt, sweat, and grime. Saying a lot of ground is produced in the bathroom is an understatement because everything you do in the bathroom revolves around Earth somehow.

It would be best to have bathroom tiles that are easy to clean and don’t keep stains for too long. Tiles like ceramic tiles perform excellently in the bathroom because they don’t keep colours.

A wet mop will be enough to clean most of the dirt in your Adelaide bathroom. However, before selecting any tile in your bathroom, research to find tiling options that don’t retain stains and soil for too long.

When you buy bathroom tiles from Aurees Tiles, we’ll give you the appropriate tiles that perform well in wet areas and are easy to clean.


Durable Bathroom Tiles in Adelaide

Bathrooms are high-traffic areas because of how much you walk in and use them. Some tiles are primarily meant for aesthetic purposes—built to be beautiful and unused for a long time. Such tiles usually start coming loose or breaking apart once you’ve used them for a while.

The tile combinations you select must be very durable to last you for as long as possible.



Most people don’t care about the colour of the tile combinations in their bathrooms. However, selecting the colour combination you want in your bathroom becomes easy once you’ve found tiles that fit all the above criteria: water-resistant, easy to clean, and durable.

The tile combinations you select have to be colours that won’t fade off or keep stains. Their colours also need to blend to fit the design of your bathroom.


Selecting Bathroom Tiles for your Adelaide Home

Follow these guides; choosing the correct tile combination for your bathroom will be easy. Aurees tiles have premium tiling solutions that will perform well in your bathroom.

Please message us so you can select the tiles you’d like!