A Guide to Keeping Your Floor Tiles Looking Brand New in Your Adelaide Home

Tiles Adelaide | Tips for Cleaning Your Tiles!

Floor tiles are amazing, but the struggle in keeping them clean is something every Adelaide homeowner can testify to. It’s either you can’t get all the dirt out in your tiles, or streaks are left behind.

DIY could help out somehow, but some other things could contribute to the poor state of your tiles. 

Keep your home’s tiles looking new all year long by following these tips:

Regular sweeping

When you find your floor tiles are dirty, what do you do first? Mop? If so, it’s time to change this. Before you mop your tiles, you should ensure they’re free from all dirt, dust and debris. You can pick up visible trash, but the solid stain begins from the specks of dirt only a brush or broom can handle.

Mopping your floors through the dirt will only spread it and make it stick to the tiles of your Adelaide home. The less you sweep your floor, the more you keep it in a perpetual state of dirtiness. If you want to avoid this, try cleaning your floor every day, and if you can’t, try doing it every other day. While it’s good to mop your floors regularly, you should know when to mop and sweep.

Clean mops or rags

How clean is the equipment you use to clean your floor tiles? Mops, brushes and clothes harbour a lot of dirt, as they’re usually made out of cotton or absorbent materials. So using dirty mops and brushes on your floor will only introduce more dirt into the floor. If you’ve noticed that no amount of cleaning supplies you use works, you should check out your cleaning supply.

Dirty mops and brushes will nullify any cleaning agent because instead of cleaning the floor, they’ll be cleaning the clothes. So after mopping, always wash your mops, and if you can’t, try to do an intense mop clean after every two days of use. 

Know your tile

Different tiles require different cleaning routines. For example, you can’t clean your marble tiles like you’d clean your ceramic or stone tiles. Cleaning your tiles the wrong way could ruin them and make them retain dirt. Maybe this could be one of the reasons why you’re having issues keeping your tiles clean.

So, before you try out any cleaning DIY, check out the type of tiles you have. Using chemicals on natural stone tiles could damage them, same with other tiles. Research before you actualise any DIY.

Clean frequently

Nothing makes floor tiles age faster than infrequent cleanings. Stains left to rot on your tiles will become a part of it, and you’ll find it hard to get them out. Once it gets to this stage, it’ll be near impossible to make your tiles look brand new, especially if it’s in a high foot-traffic area. 

Mop your floor as frequently as you can or whenever you notice that it’s stained. These are tested and trusted ways to help your floor tiles remain brand new for as long as possible. But are your tiles beyond repair, and you’d want a do-over? Aurees tiles will help you with low-maintenance tiles that will retain their shine for a long time. Contact us to find out more!