Adelaide Tile Styles That Are Timeless

The idea of facilities and home additions not dating and losing their appeal (timelessness) is something every homeowner envisions for their home. But then, everything dates.


Every piece of equipment, facility, material, and addition is subject to time’s effects, which primarily change. Hence, the ideal concept behind getting, purchasing, or installing timeless facilities is that “they retain their qualitative appeal and function for years.”


Of course, tiles are home additions where timelessness is a desired quality (for tile designs) when purchasing and installing them, especially bathroom tiles.


Still, the fact is that it is impossible to specifically say that a material does not date because the law of nature must hold. This law of nature states that “everything ages.” Hence, tiles do date, too.


Provided you make ideal choices, achieving timeless appeal with your tile design is possible.


This article will outline how to achieve timeless tile appeal in Adelaide, fulfilling homeowners’ desire for a timeless home.


Tips to Achieve a Timeless Tile Design for Your Home


Specific factors help you achieve timeless tile designs for your home. These are the factors to consider when choosing tile designs for your home, and they are:




If you desire a timeless look, considering how your chosen colour combination will look with time is a must.


Most homeowners opt for bright-coloured tiles in their designs, and this looks astonishing in the design’s early years, but time affects the colour, and it is no longer as bright and eye-catching as before.


However, dull and neutral colours give this classic style to tile designs. The designs are timeless because neutral and light colours retain their appeal with time.




Size is as vital as colour; thus, you should consider it too. Using small-sized tiles for your design might seem attractive, but these designs do not age well. Hence, large-sized tiles are a preferred choice or option because they age better and retain their beautiful appeal for extended periods.


The area of the tile design covers 


This factor is particular to wall tiling. When installing wall tiles in a home, there are three different styles. They include 


  • Wall tiling to window level, where the area the design covers is from the ground level to the bottom window level.
  • Wall tiling to linter level, where the tile design spans from the ground to the linter level.
  • Full wall tiling, where installed, covers from the ground level to the ceiling.


Of the three styles, the timeless design is the whole wall tiling. Hence, you should consider this measure.




You now know what is required to achieve tile designs that do not date your home or workspace.


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