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Tips for Keeping Your Tiles Squeaky Clean!

Adelaide Tiles

Does your Adelaide home feature tiles in several surfaces? If you have installed tiles to improve the look of your home, make sure their effect is longlasting. The best way to do this is by caring for your Adelaide tiles through routine cleaning.

If tile maintenance is still a new concept to you, don’t worry! We’ll go into all the best tips to keeping them sparkling clean for a long time.

How to Keep Your Adelaide Tiles Squeaky Clean?

You’d be surprised to find out that tiles are one of the easiest surfaces to clean in your Adelaide home. In fact, you can keep your tiles in top shape with minimal effort. Still, there are a few tips you can follow to make sure your tiles are as clean as they can be.

Wipe down tiled surfaces regularly

The best way to handle tile cleaning is to do it regularly. By frequently wiping down your tiled surfaces, cleaning will take less effort, and you can prevent significant buildup. How frequent you need to wipe down your tiles though, depends on their application.

Kitchen countertop or bathroom tiles are exposed to heavy traffic and lots of dirt and grime. In these cases, daily superficial cleaning is best. Tiles applied on walls, on the other hand, are rarely touched or exposed to contaminants. Therefore, these tiles can afford to be cleaned more sparingly. Overall you must examine your own tile use to come up with a cleaning schedule.

Choose water, a vinegar concoction or mild cleaners and soft cloths to wipe down your tiles. You can also use a vacuum to get rid of debris on countertops and floors.

Avoid abrasive cleaning

Brushes, rough scrubbers, and abrasive cleaners have one thing in common. They all damage the surface of your Adelaide tiles. These rough cleaning supplies create small dents and scratches on your floors. Not only do these become visible over time, but they are also counterproductive when it comes to cleaning.

Small faults in a tile’s surface become the perfect hiding spots for debris, residue, and bacteria. The worst part is that once microorganisms begin growing in these scratches, cleaning them is nearly impossible. This superficial damage also affects the integrity of a tile’s finish, resulting in the dullness.

So, while abrasive cleaning might be well-intended, it only leads to more trouble. Stick to a soft microfiber cloth and mild cleaners instead, for best results.

Don’t let spills linger

Spills, especially when it comes to coloured liquids can create a longlasting stain. The more time a spill stays, the higher the chances are of it making a permanent impression on your tiles. Whenever a spill occurs, clean it up immediately. This way you take care of your tiles and also prevent home accidents.

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