Tiles Perfect for Your Alfresco Area!

Alfresco Tiles

Alfresco tiles are becoming a very popular material to use around your Adelaide house, outdoors and even indoors! From entertaining or relaxing to cooking or having dinner, it does not matter how you are planning to use your alfresco area. Tiles will help you create the look and atmosphere you are searching for.

When choosing tiles for your Adelaide outdoor area, you need to focus on functionality as well as looks. Your tiles must be durable enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Adelaide. 

, you need to focus on functionality as well as looks. Your tiles must be durable enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Adelaide. 

Here are a few aspects that will help you choose the perfect tiles for your Adelaide alfresco area:


The outdoor space of your Adelaide house is continuously exposed to the harsh weather conditions of Adelaide. Therefore, the tiles you choose for that area should be very durable. Tiles made of natural stones, for example, can endure harsh weather elements more than ceramic tiles. They will also increase the value of your Adelaide house and give it a unique look. That is why they are the best tiles for any outdoor space. 

Second best are porcelain tiles. They are made to withstand any weather conditions. They are also very low maintenance. With just a sweep, these tiles will look as good as new. 


Choosing the right colour for your tiles is critical. It will affect the whole look of your Adelaide house. Light colours, primarily white, will show dirt very quickly. You will have to keep them clean all the time. Additionally, light colour tiles will strongly reflect the sunlight. Outdoors, this will not be very comfortable.

On the other hand, dark colour tiles might not be a better option, either. They do hide the dirt more, however, they will absorb more heat. In the summer, dark colour tiles could burn your feet. That is why choosing neutral colours for your outdoor tiles is the best option. 

Grey tiles, for example, will not absorb the heat. They will reflect the light, but not very strongly. Dirt also will not show clearly on your grey tiles.


To avoid accidents, choose slip-resistant tiles. Glazed, smooth tiles are more suitable indoors. They are easy to clean and maintain. Outside, they will become very slippery in the rain. Glazed tiles cannot also endure harsh weather conditions. They will crack under extreme temperatures. For your alfresco area, you need tiles that have some texture. Textured tiles are also more anti-slip. 

At Aurees Tiles Adelaide, we pride ourselves on having an extensive range of tiles. Whether you are in the market for tiles for your entire Adelaide house, your outdoor area, or just your bathroom and kitchen, we have all of your tiles needs covered. As a factory-direct outlet, our tiles in Adelaide are priced very competitively. We also have new styles of tiles arriving regularly. 

Get the perfect tiles that will help you enjoy your alfresco area even more. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!