The Importance of Selecting the Right Bathroom Tile!

No part of the home, except the kitchen, tends to get as dirty as the bathroom. The bathroom is the place we go to wash off all the grime, sweat and dirt we’ve accumulated in a day. It’s not surprising this part of the bathroom always seems to be in a messy state. What impact does that leave on the bathroom floor tiles of your Adelaide home?

But, did you know that the tiles in your Adelaide bathroom also contributes to how clean or dirty it gets? The type of bathroom tile you get will determine how well you enjoy your bathroom. Here are some of the importance of selecting the right bathroom tile.

You Can Clean Bathroom Easily

One of the major things you have to avoid when getting tiles for your bathroom is getting one that gets dirty easily. Lightly coloured tiles and their grout get dirty easier because the colour is like a dirt magnet. You’ll be forced to make every day a cleaning day because you can’t afford to leave your tiles dirty.

Skip cleaning your tiles for one day, and your bathroom will look like you’ve never cleaned it. To avoid this, get darker coloured bathroom tiles. Or get darker coloured grout, so cleaning won’t always be a chore. 

You Can Avoid Bathroom Accidents

Some tiles tend to get slippery, and the last thing you want is to get such tiles in your bathroom. When water touches some tiles, they get as slippery as ice, and that’s just an accident waiting to happen. A slight misstep, and you’ll find yourself on the floor with a bad bruise or, worse, broken parts.

Before you buy any tiles for your Adelaide bathroom, make sure you reaffirm their use from wherever you’re buying from. Don’t get the type of tiles that don’t act well when they’re wet. Aurees Tiles provides professional advice when you want to buy tiles for us. 

We give you the tiles that’ll serve your purpose best.

You Need Durable Tiles

Some tiles are meant for aesthetic purposes and not in the bathroom. Your kitchen need tiles that can bear foot traffic. You will be walking around your bathroom a lot, and you don’t need tiles that will squeak and groan every time you do that.

You also need tiles that will perform well in a wet area. You’ll need to get professional advice for this because it’s not really common knowledge.

If you’re looking to get a new set of bathroom floor tiles for your Adelaide bathroom,  why not come to Aurees Tiles? We will give you budget-friendly tiles that are suitable for the bathroom area.

Contact us so we can get started!