Bathroom Tile Trends That Are Sticking Around!

bathroom tile trends

Like many other home improvement projects, a bathroom remodel requires strong decision-making skills. Style, colour palettes, and building material choices dictate bathroom tile trends. It’s up to you, the homeowner, to make the right choice. Tiles have been the favourite material used in bathroom design. They are the go-to option for most Adelaide homeowners.

People can find themselves overwhelmed with the abundance of tile designs available. And that is just within the tile category!

Which tile design should you go for? How can you stay on top of the trends without regretting them later? In today’s post, we’ll introduce you to the top bathroom tile trends that will add timeless beauty to your Adelaide home.

Consider This Timeless Tile Trends for Your Adelaide Bathroom


Subway Tiles: The Ultimate Bathroom Tile Trend!

Are you considering installing subway tiles in your Adelaide home? With this trend, you don’t have to worry about regretting your decision later. Subway tiles took the interior design world by storm, and according to most home design experts, they are here to stay. Their simple, clean lines and familiar neutral tones make subway tiles ideal for those looking for timeless style.

Adding white or neutral-toned subway tiles to your bathroom or shower is a great way to improve the look of your interiors and achieve a modern yet classic look.


Use Patterns as a Statement Piece

Patterned bathroom tiles have gained traction in design in the past few years. Homeowners prefer fun, eclectic designs on their bathroom surfaces over the old-school classics. While incorporating patterned tiles in your Adelaide bathroom might seem risky, you can use the trend strategically for long-lasting results.

A great option is the addition of a Herringbone neutral pattern in the sink or vanity area. You can also incorporate designs to create a single statement wall or add flair to your shower. The results will be favourable if you keep true to your home’s colour palette and style.


Black and White

Black and white is a classic for a reason. This chic look will remain trendy and stylish for years, just as it has been for decades. The best part about this powerful colour combo is that it can be applied to your bathrooms in many ways.

Chequered black-and-white floors and black-and-white stripes are some ideas to consider. These complement well with tiles of other geometric patterns. The result will be an elegant and luxurious-looking bathroom. You will have a bathroom that highlights the beauty of your Adelaide home.


In Conclusion

Tiles can completely transform the look of your Adelaide bathrooms and recreate nearly any design trend. With the advice above, you can quickly and classically modernise your bathrooms. For more tiling inspiration, make sure to check out our gallery.

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