Bathroom Tiles Perfect For Your New Home!

Bathroom Tiles Adelaide | Bathroom Tiles Perfect For Your New Home!

You just bought or moved into a new Adelaide home, and now it’s time to handle the flooring. If not the first, the bathroom is one place you’ll be using when you move in. So, you must start the tiling early to avoid choosing the wrong tiles.

The best bathroom tiles you can get include porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, and others we’ll discuss. You’ll want to avoid getting flooring that absorbs moisture, such as wooden floors. These would perform poorly in your bathroom.

The tiles you should get in your bathroom are:


Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are one of the most versatile tiles you can get anywhere in your home. They’re inexpensive and durable. Once these tiles are installed, you can be sure they’ll last you for a long time. But that’s not the only thing you focus on when choosing bathroom tiles. There are other questions, such as: how do they function under moisture?

Porcelain tiles don’t absorb moisture so that they won’t damage water. In addition, because of their non-porous quality, the chances of slipping are significantly reduced.

But what about beauty? How customisable are they? Porcelain tiles come in a wide range of patterns, colours, and designs you’d love to have in your bathroom. So, porcelain tiles must be on your list when considering bathroom tiles for your new Adelaide home.


Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are often used as backsplashes but also make for suitable flooring. One thing that makes them a good option is their aesthetic effect. One thing they can do is add depth to your bathroom.

If your bathroom is small, glass flooring will appear more extensive and spacious. Also, depending on the colour you go for, you might feel like you’re walking on air.

You might think they’re fragile in their durability because of their glassy nature. But they’re strong enough to conceal minor chips. So, when selecting glass tiles, ensure you choose non-slip ones.

However, this is something that only professionals can know.

Professionals like Aurees Tiles have the perfect non-slip glass tiles for your flooring.


Vinyl Tiles

Moving to a new home is expensive, so you’ll be looking for cost-efficient options in your bathroom. Vinyl tiles are so sought-after because of how budget-friendly they are. In addition, they’re so easy to install that you could even do it yourself. Their inexpensiveness doesn’t translate into low quality, though.

You’ll still be getting your money’s worth. Vinyl tiles are highly durable and come in various designs. If you have many bathrooms to tile, they’re the perfect bathroom tiles.


Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are typically used in the living area or bedroom, but now they appear in the bathroom. Made from marble, granite, etc., stone tiles come in various designs, patterns, textures, and colours.

Stepping into your bathroom will always be a dream with stone tiles. However, stone tiles are expensive and require high maintenance because of their porous nature.

Which of these bathroom tiles can you envision in your new home in Adelaide? Feast your eyes on Aurees Tiles’ expansive tiling collection. Decision-making is easier because we advise you and work with your budget.

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