Bathroom Tiles That Are Kid-Friendly

Several facilities are required to complete the functionality of residential buildings, and the bathroom is undoubtedly among the most critical. This is the space in the house set aside for baths, often containing a tub or shower.

Consider Aurees Tiles’ kid-friendly bathroom tiles so you and your kids will enjoy taking your time in the bathroom.

Sometimes, a toilet is built into or attached to the bathroom, increasing its importance in the house. Although it may not seem so, bathroom floors play an essential role in how well the bathroom will function, which is why unique materials are incorporated for this part.

Most people resort to tiles for bathroom floors, which have proven very appropriate. However, this space often requires unique tiles to add friction and reduce accidents due to its slippery nature.

These accidents are common with kids because of their pretty frail steps. Hence, you must consider them when selecting your bathroom tiles. Here are some of the best kid-friendly bathroom tiles in Adelaide.


Vinyl Tiles 

Vinyl tiles are already the favourite bathroom tiles for many reasons, including the fact that they are practical and very affordable. It is also second to none regarding durability, safety, and comfort, making it the most appropriate for kids’ washrooms.

Moreover, these tiles also come in beautiful finishes and designs that make your kids look forward to their bath times.


Glass Tiles 

Glass tiles may not be clear favourites for bathroom tiles, but they can hold up just as well. This kind of tile in the bathroom can help create an illusion of depth while also making the bathroom appear more spacious.

If your kids prefer larger spaces, this tile may be the best way to maximise their comfort in the bathroom. It is also impressively slip-resistant, ensuring your kids’ safety in the bathroom.


Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are the most popular for interior decoration and are appropriate for each room in the house. They may not be the safest tile to install in kids’ washrooms, but they do not write it off in any way.

Ceramic tiles also have impressive COFs (coefficients of friction) that help prevent slips when wet.

However, it would be best to be careful when selecting ceramic tiles for one- or two-grade floors. Ceramic tiles also come in a comprehensive range of designs that kids love.


Stone Tiles 

Stone tiles have never been the most popular, but recent decades have seen quality stone tiles that have gained higher ratings. As a result, modern stone tiles are appropriate for almost every room in the house, including bathrooms.

They’re made from limestone, slate, granite, and marble, and you can get lots of kid-friendly designs for your kids’ washrooms. They are quite the study floor material and have an excellent COF.



You can also use other materials for bathroom floors, but the superiority of tiles makes them the ideal material for bathroom floors. Other kids-friendly bathroom tiles include cork, linoleum, plastic laminate, and porcelain.

However, you should be aware that most of these tiles come in different qualities, and you would not want to compromise on the quality of the tiles you use for your kids’ bathrooms. Aurees Tiles has got you covered for quality kids-friendly bathroom tiles in Adelaide.