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Keep Tiles in High Traffic Areas Clean With These Cleaning Tips!

Tiles in high traffic areas will need more maintenance than tiles in less busy areas. So if you’ve noticed that tiles in certain areas of your home are hard to clean for some reason, it’s because of their location. Tiles in high traffic areas will need more expertise and finesse while cleaning. Try these cleaning tips for the tiles of your Adelaide home, business etc., and you’ll notice a difference immediately!

So here are some tips that will help you clean your tiles in busy areas!

Have the proper equipment

Equipment may seem too extreme, but it’s necessary because you’ll need certain materials to properly deal with your tiles. You’ll need; a mop or rag, gloves, bleaching solution, vinegar, baking soda, cleaning solution, lemon etc. This equipment and cleaners will come in handy whether you like to DIY or just want something extra strong. (Remember not to mix chemicals!)

Mop as soon as you see  any dirt

As soon as you see the tiles in the high traffic areas are dirty, mop immediately. It’s better to clean the stains while it’s still wet because stains get harder to clean when they’ve dried. You should sweep the dirt that’s on the floor and then mop over it with a damp mop or rag slightly wet with a cleaning solution.

Clean the tiles how they’re meant to be cleaned

You must know that different tiles require different cleaning steps and solutions. Here are some ways you can clean different types of tiles in high traffic areas.

  • Ceramic tiles

 If the stains on the tiles are too hard because they have soaked a while, you should use a bleaching solution mixed with soap to clean the stain. Once you’re done cleaning the stain, don’t let it air dry because it’ll just get dirty again. Rather, go over it with a clean cloth. 

  • Stone tiles

If the tiles are made with stone, you can use detergent or any mild cleaning solution that doesn’t have harsh chemicals. Chemicals can damage the surface of stone tiles so take note of that. Also, avoid using brushes on stone tiles; rather, use mops or clean cloths.

  • Tiles made with rubber etc.:

Avoid using hot water on non-ceramic, stone tiles such as this. Clean up any dirt on these tiles and follow up with detergent or water. Avoid using hard brushes on this type of tiles as they may peel.

With these tips, the tiles in your high traffic areas will forever be clean. Thinking of changing your tiles? Aurees Tiles is your best bet at getting premium tile solutions in Adelaide.