Big Tiles or Small Tiles for Your Adelaide Bathroom…Follow our Selection Guide!

When making tile designs for the bathroom, there is concern for many because they struggle with deciding what they want.


One typical debate relates to the tile size for the tiles in the Adelaide bathroom. Sadly, many homeowners do not know which tile size would be best for their bathroom.


However, this article focuses on selecting the ideal tile size for your Adelaide bathroom. We will also give tips to help you choose the perfect tile size for your Adelaide bathroom. These tips include:


Consider the bathroom size.


This size helps you decide the ideal tile size to use. Also, you have to choose how you want the bathroom to appear. For instance, should it have an enlarged appeal or not?


Consider choosing big-sized tiles if you wish to have an enlarged appeal. These tiles have fewer grout lines, especially if the bathroom is small.


However, small-sized tiles can work for big bathrooms but are a no-no for small bathrooms because they do the opposite of what big tiles do when it comes to appeal.


The tile layout


When planning your bathroom renovation, pay special attention to the wall tiling.


The layouts range from window-level tile design to linter-level and complete wall tile design. But then, irrespective of the tile design layout, consider the appeal that your plan will boast.


With a complete wall tile design layout, using small tiles will give your bathroom a dirty look, as there will be too many grout lines.


Hence, your bathroom could look more aesthetically pleasing with smaller tiles. In contrast, with big tiles for a complete wall tile, the bathroom layout looks cleaner, with fewer grout lines.


The same principle applies to other wall tile design layouts; however, there can be a mix of small and large-sized tiles for window-level formats.




The list would only be complete if it mentioned the cleaning of the tiles after installation. A bathroom with big tiles is relatively easy to clean; they rarely get dirty.


In contrast, bathrooms with small tiles are more difficult to clean, especially considering the many grout lines you must clean.




Everyone has their preferences regarding tile size and the design they want their bathrooms to have; however, if you’re going to find quality tiles of any size, you should contact Aurees Tiles, one of Adelaide’s best. It would be best if you got them now.