Building a New Home?

Here’s Why You Should Choose Tiles for Flooring!

When building a new home, it’s no secret that selecting everything from your layout to finishes and fixtures through to the wall colour can be an overwhelming task. However, one area of any new home that you should take serious time to consider is your flooring. Often an underrated aspect of the house, the floor can bring a home’s entire interior colour palette together.

Tile flooring has come so far in recent years and the benefits it offers homeowners is second to none. With so many different styles and makes of tiles on the market, there is a type of tile for every home’s aesthetic.

Here at Aurees Tiles, we have been in the industry for over ten years. Our team is passionate, has a great understanding of tiles and is committed to helping you find the perfect floor tile for your newly-built home.

To gain a real understanding of the benefits of floor tiles and why you should consider it as a flooring option for your home, keep reading:


When it comes to flooring, you want to ensure that it is highly durable. After all, your flooring is an area of any home that is used day in, day out.

At Aurees Tiles, all of our tiles are of premium quality. We work hard to source only the most durable tiles to ensure that your new tile flooring is durable and reliable.

An Abundance of Choice

At Aurees Tiles, we have the largest tile showroom in Adelaide, and with over 500 styles at any one time, you’ll find something that will look perfect in your new home. We stock both porcelain and ceramic tiles as well as an extensive range of both interior and exterior tiles to suit any application.

Easy to Maintain

Cleaning the floor can be a dreaded task, especially if your flooring material is hard to maintain. Tiled flooring makes this dreaded chore a little more manageable. Tiled flooring is so easy to clean. You can merely vacuum or use a steam mop for those more stubborn stains.

Tiled flooring is also water-resistant, meaning that you don’t have to panic about wood warping or that musty carpet smell when one of the children spill some water.

Enjoy a more durable, aesthetically pleasing and hygienic flooring option with a tiled flooring solution from Aurees Tiles. Call or visit our Adelaide showroom today!