Buy Timber & Wood-Look Tiles Online

Discover the perfect solution for your flooring needs with wood-look tiles from Aurees Tiles, Adelaide’s top tile provider.


Over the years, various interior design trends have disappeared. However, hardwood floors will never go out of style. The look of wood adds warmth and a touch of nature to any home.


Unfortunately, wood floors come at a high price. They also require extremely high maintenance. But, thanks to modern technology, now you can install wood-look tiles and get the same feel as timber flooring.


At Aurees Tiles, we offer a wide range of local and imported tiles. Our wood-look tiles come in various styles, shapes, and sizes. As a factory direct outlet, we offer Adelaide’s most competitive prices.


Here is all you need to know about our wood-look tiles:


Discover Our Extensive Range of Wood-Look Tiles


As an established Adelaide tile supplier, we are always keen to meet all our clients’ requirements. That is why we stock more than 500 varieties of tiles.


Recently, wood-look tiles have become extremely popular among Adelaide homeowners. We offer various quality wood-look tile options to meet this increasing demand.


Because of their durability, our wood-look tiles can be installed anywhere inside and outside your Adelaide home. You will find various colours, sizes, and finishes as you explore our range of wood-look tiles.


Whether looking for pale natural or traditional dark wood, our timber-look tiles cover all styles. Moreover, what we offer is not just perfect for flooring. Its versatility allows for application to walls as well.


Why You Should Choose Wood-Look Tiles for Your Home


Natural wood flooring is beautiful and can complement any design scheme. However, timber floors are more expensive than wood-look tiles. In addition, wood planks need regular maintenance. Any scratches or spills can ruin your timber flooring.


Today, wood-look tiles are almost identical to timber floorboards. With wood-look tiles, you will enjoy the style of natural timber plus all the benefits of tiles. Unlike wood, wood-look tiles can endure the harsh weather conditions of Adelaide.


Most importantly, water will not ruin wood-look tiles. So, you can finally add that rich timber feeling to your kitchen, bathroom, or even near your pool.


A Range of Styles to Choose From


Compared to natural timber, wood-look tiles offer more styles and designs. You can let your imagination go wild. Whether dark, pale, grey, brown, or pastel, wood-look tiles meet every kind.


You can also choose from shapes and finishes that are impossible to get with natural wood.


There is no need to be limited to the standard length of natural timber flooring. These tiles come in more lengths and sizes to create your desired patterns. From giant rectangles to hexagons, achieve one-of-a-kind designs with wood-like tiles.


Give your Adelaide home a unique look that will last for years. Order your wood-look tiles now!