Where Can I Get A Slip Resistant Tile For My Adelaide Bathroom?

Slip-resistant tiles for my Adelaide Bathroom

When choosing the perfect tile for your new bathroom or bathroom renovation, it can be easy to get caught up with the look of the bathroom tile and how it will fit into the aesthetics of your Adelaide home. However, while eyes are essential, choosing slip-resistant flooring is equally important. Failing to select a tile with a slip resistance rating will leave you compromising the safety of yourself and your family.


At Aurees Tiles, we have an extensive range of bathroom tiles that will provide slip-resistant protection while maintaining style and high quality. Keep reading to discover more about which tiles will offer you the best slip resistance:


First of all, what is slip resistance?

Slip resistance may be simple and obvious, but you must understand slip resistance well for your bathroom tiles and how it will work for you. Slipping and tripping are responsible for one in three non-fatal injuries. With spillages being a common health risk, especially in bathrooms, your flooring professional or salesperson must ensure that all their flooring fits your purpose. At Aurees Tiles, you can rest assured that we have a slip-resistant bathroom tile solution for you.


A slip-resistant tile has a specific purpose: to prevent slipping. These tiles range from everyday residential use to commercial environments.


Slip Resistance Ratings

When it comes to slipping resistance, the ratings correspond with either footwear or barefoot slip resistance measures.


Barefoot: Wet flooring in home areas, such as bathroom tiles, goes through testing with bare feet. From here, it is rated from A (the lowest) to C (the highest). Australian standards state that swimming pool surfaces should have a B rating, whereas bathroom tiles should have a C rating.


Other tiled areas, such as commercial kitchens, are tested using footwear. It measures the slip rating when in contact with shoes and common causes of slips in the home, such as soap, grease, and water.


Always Seek Advice

When installing a new bathroom tile, it is essential to seek advice from your chosen flooring expert to ensure you are making the right choice. At Aurees Tiles, we take pride in offering our clients industry expertise backed by years of experience to ensure that your bathroom tiles are as secure and slip-resistant as possible.


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