Can I Use Indoor Tiles Outdoors?

Installing Outdoor Tiles

Well, the time has come to install or replace the flooring of your Adelaide home! It is essential that you take the time to consider the right type of flooring material for your application. It can be a daunting task, but we’re here to help you select the right floor tile for the exterior of your home.

While you can use tiles all over the home – both inside and out, it is highly essential that you look into the types of tiles that fit the different areas of your home. At Aurees Tiles, we have over ten years of industry experience and can help you find the perfect tile for your home’s outdoor area. We understand that it can be difficult to know which types of tiles to use inside, and which to use out, but if you choose the wrong tile, your flooring could be susceptible to corrosion and damage because of the conditions.

So which tiles are best suited to which environment? And what’s the difference between an indoor and outdoor tile? To help ensure that you make the right tiling choice we have listed essential aspects to consider below. Keep reading to find out more:


Indoor tiles are not equipped to withstand outdoor conditions such as heat, frost and direct sunlight. However, the right outdoor tile can withstand these conditions with ease.

The exterior of your Adelaide home tends to be subject to a significant amount of wear and tear compared to the inside of your home. For example, your outdoor areas are continually exposed to not only the weather’s elements but also high traffic – people walking about with shoes on, kids mucking around and gardening equipment dragged along the floor from time to time.

These reasons alone is why it is so important that you purchase a tile that has been made explicitly for the outdoors. Here at Aurees Tiles, we have an extensive range of outdoor tiles are perfect for a variety of outdoor applications. Our friendly team is more than ready to work with you to discuss your wants and needs, and help you find your ideal outdoor tiling solution!

Textured, Non-Slip Finish

Another critical difference between indoor and outdoor tiles is the difference in surface texture. Because your outdoor tiles are outside, they get exposed to all sorts of weather conditions which can result in a slippery surface at times. Naturally, to protect yourself, your family and your guests you want a tile surface that is non-slip. It is why external tiles should always have a textured surface, as it will help your shoes to grip the ground and reduce the risk of accidents.

If you’re looking for premium Adelaide outdoor floor tiles, look no further than the team at Aurees Tiles. With several years of experience and a passion for excellence, we will help you choose your ideal floor tile for whatever application.

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