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Your Guide to Selecting the Right Tiles for Your Adelaide Home

Are you in the process of renovating or building your Adelaide home and facing the crucial task of selecting suitable tiles? Look no further! This comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in making informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right tiles for your home.


From understanding different tile types to considering size options and finding the perfect finishes, we’ll provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make your flooring choices confidently.


We’ve got you covered, whether you’re aiming for a stylish, contemporary look or a timeless, classic feel. Let’s dive into selecting the suitable tiles for your Adelaide home.


When finishing a house, there are numerous factors to consider, with flooring being one of the most crucial. Well, there’s no denying the importance of flooring in any building, and this is why special attention is often required when selecting the material for this part of the house.


Talk about floor options, and tiles are consistently among the top picks.


Look around today, and you’ll find that tiles are the go-to option for modern homes, and the reasons are not very far-fetched. However, it often becomes tricky to pick them out because they come in various types, sizes, and shapes.


This article will outline how tiles can benefit your floor and provide a guide for selecting suitable tiles for your home. Discover more information by reading on.


Why You Should Opt for Tiles


Tiles are flooring materials that require little or no introduction at all. These pieces of fired clay or stone are not only used for floors but are equally exceptional on walls. However, people mainly use them for floors, and here are a few reasons to choose tiles as your floor option.


The first reason to opt for tiles is because they are sturdy and can withstand pressure. All floors typically need this quality because they are under so much pressure.


Next, their nonporous nature means they are impervious to mould and mildew. This is because they are nonabsorbent and will often resist dust and bacteria. So, rest assured that your tiles will not spread pathogens.

  • Also, they do not absorb dirt, making them much easier to clean and maintain.
  • Finally, manufacturers produce tiles with sublime finishes that can significantly enhance the design of any space.

So, with tiles, your house can be guaranteed a much better design.


How to Choose the Right Tiles


While the benefits of tiled floors are significant, you can only enjoy them when you make the right tile choices. Consider the following if you want suitable tiles for your home or building:

  • Pick a tile type that you find most comfortable and appealing.
  • Select larger tiles for the living room, bedrooms, and dining area to make them appear more spacious. You can use smaller-sized tiles for the kitchen and bathroom to increase traction.
  • Choose tiles with a finish that complements your home’s colour scheme and decor.




Selecting the suitable tiles can improve your house’s look. However, these benefits are only assured when you pick suitable tiles, as highlighted in this article.


You should contact Aurees Tiles for the best tile solutions in Adelaide and beyond. Indeed, you will be pleased with their services.

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Why So Many Property Owners Trust Aurees Tiles

Welcome to the world of exquisite tiles! The article explores why Aurees Tiles is the number-one trusted tile supplier in Adelaide.


With a reputation for delivering quality, variety, and exceptional services, discover why Aurees Tiles is the go-to choice for all your tiling needs. From expert guidance to easy maintenance, explore how Aurees Tiles stands out as the trusted tile supplier in Adelaide.


Many modern homes now showcase tiles as the preferred option for flooring. Not only are they exceptional for floors, but they are also ideal for kitchen and bathroom walls, with many guaranteed advantages you will love.


However, while tiles have numerous advantages, you can only enjoy these benefits with quality tiles. Getting the best-quality tiles for your project can sometimes be a task.


Luckily, this article will explain why Aurees tiles are the most trusted for everything tiled in Adelaide. So, read on for more eye-opening information.




One of the first and top qualities of Aurees Tiles is their variety. We recognise that different people have different tastes and needs, so we have about 500 types of tiles. So, whatever shape, size, colour, design, or surface style you need, you can find a few suitable options at our one-stop tile shop.




In addition to the wide variety we offer here at Aurees Tiles, you can also count on the versatility of our products to help you create the perfect design.


We have everything you need, whether building a new house from scratch, renovating an old floor, or replacing a few missing tiles.




While the endless tile options on display at Aurees are suitable for their variety, they can also create a dilemma for customers. However, if you are confused about what shape, size, or colour of tiles to pick, know that that’s another little problem we can help you fix.


We have years of experience in tile selection, and you can trust our expertise to help you pick out the ideal tile options for each section of your house.


Easy Maintenance


You will agree that there’s nothing fun about cleaning, especially when dealing with stubborn stains on your walls and floors. This is not a problem here, as Auree tiles are effortless to maintain. Almost all our tiles are nonporous and highly resistant to dust, dirt, and bacteria.


Aurees tiles are more convenient to clean than other flooring options since dirt does not penetrate their surface.


Let the #1 trusted tile supplier serve you!


Another thing you will notice on your first contact with us is our incredible services. In addition to our agents helping you pick out the perfect tiles for you, we can also deliver the tiles directly to your home, depending on your preference.


Moreover, we offer installation services so that you can focus on other things.




The key benefits of tiles are their durability, practicality, and the design they add to your space. There’s no doubt about the superiority of this material over other floor options, and this article has highlighted why Aurees Tiles remains the best in Adelaide. You should contact us now.

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Exploring Kitchen Tile Colours: Which Colour Tiles Are Best for Your Kitchen?

Welcome to the vibrant world of kitchen tile colours! This article delves into the exciting realm of choosing the perfect palette for your culinary space.


Your kitchen deserves functionality and beauty; selecting the right tile colours is crucial. From golden yellow to cloudy white, brown, black, and even mixed colours, we explore various options that can elevate your kitchen’s design.


Join us as we guide you through the fascinating world of kitchen tile colours and help you make informed choices that bring your culinary space to life.


People use the kitchen frequently, so it requires special care. The kitchen has functionality, but it can also have a design that makes it more entertaining.


This post will go through several tile colour options for your kitchen that are both attractive and functional.


You will agree that the type and colour of tiles you choose for any space in your home or office can contribute to that space’s overall look, making it look awkward or more beautiful. More than ever, it’s crucial to have a clear goal in mind.


Here are some options to consider:


Golden Yellow


One of the best tile colours for your kitchen floors and walls is golden, or mellow yellow, as it is known. This colour may not be the first to come to mind when thinking about the colour of your kitchen tiles.


Its cheerfulness, though, can make your kitchen a more functional space. It pops against a backdrop of black cabinetry and counters. The finished product looks as good as any gourmet kitchen.


Cloudy White


White is usually a questionable colour for kitchen tiles, and understandably so. When you consider all the splashes and splatters that typically go on in the kitchen, you can become less convinced about tiles.


But then, a bright colour might be ideal, especially if your kitchen is small. White tiles will make your kitchen appear more radiant and significantly more spacious than it is.


Brown Tiles


Brown is a favourite colour for kitchen floors and walls because of its woody feel. However, since wooden floors are hardly the most appropriate for kitchens, people often opt for brown tiles.


Firstly, it conceals stains better than brighter colours, making it ideal for splats and splashes in the kitchen. Brown tiles can become even more appealing when combined with cream cabinets and countertops.


Black Tiles


Black tiles do a similar job of concealing dirt and spills, but slightly better than brown. Undoubtedly, black is a rather unconventional colour for tiles everywhere, and it becomes even more odd in the kitchen.


But then, it can be the perfect tile when combined with the right-colored walls and cabinets.


Mixed Colour


Single-colour tiles can quickly get boring, especially since you’ll likely see them daily. You may want to remedy this by adopting mixed-colour tiles for your kitchen space.


Choose classic black and white or more vibrant colours based on your preference.




The difference between a boring and a vibrant kitchen is the colour, and the tiles are the primary determinants of this. This article has highlighted some brilliant kitchen tile colours, and you can trust Aurees Tiles for the best-coloured tiles in Adelaide.

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Quality Bathroom Tiles in Adelaide: Transform Your Space with Aurees

The value of high-quality bathroom tiles in Adelaide is the topic of this article. Regarding form and function, nothing is more important than picking the appropriate tiles for a bathroom remodel.


This article will discuss the value of excellent tiles and introduce you to Aurees Tiles, the best source for bathroom tiles in Adelaide.


Get the inside scoop on how these tiles may revolutionise your bathroom makeover. Let’s jump right in!


Several facilities are required to complete the functionality of residential buildings, and a bathroom is undoubtedly among the most critical. This space is set aside for baths and often contains a tub or shower.


Sometimes, a toilet is built into or attached to the bathroom, further increasing its functionality in the house. The flooring in the bathroom plays an essential role in how well the bathroom will work. Because of this, the flooring in the bathroom must incorporate unique materials.


Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your bathroom clean and functional. But even with careful upkeep, remodelling may become necessary at some point. A bathroom renovation requires changing many things, including the tiles.


This means you will need to introduce new tiles, and Aurees Tiles is your best bet for quality bathroom tiles in Adelaide.


This article will provide more information about bathroom tiles and why you should choose Aurees tiles.


Why You Should Replace Bathroom Tiles During a Renovation


Typical bathroom floors and walls are often covered with tiles because they are waterproof, nonporous, and can withstand moisture and chemical discharges from soaps. They are also preferred because they can significantly contribute to and improve your bathroom’s design.


However, the slightly rough surface of bathroom tiles is essential, allowing for friction and preventing slips. This quality can be lost over time, compromising the safety of anyone using the bathroom.


Additionally, the surface of the tiles can become less appealing after some time, and it’s only appropriate for you to replace them immediately. There’s no better time than during a bathroom remodel to get this done, and you could go all out and replace all the tiles.


Aurees Tiles Can Help You 


If you are considering replacing your Adelaide bathroom tiles, Aurees is your one-stop shop for the best quality replacements, and here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing them:




First, we have several options; you can rest assured that they will each be exceptional for your bathroom.




At Aurees, we know that safety is one of the essential qualities of bathroom tiles. Therefore, we always ensure our bathroom tiles have sufficient friction on the surface to prevent bathroom slips.




The longevity of our bathroom tiles is another one of their many outstanding features. You can rest easy knowing our tiles will hold up well in any climate.




Bathroom tiles come in different types, shapes, and sizes, but the quality is often the telling difference. How excited are you about a new bathroom? Remember that Aurees Tiles is where you can find the highest-quality tile options. Why not reach out to them right away?

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Quality Tile Designs: Your New Space Deserves New Tiles!

Are you looking to enhance your new space with perfect tile designs? Choosing quality tile designs is crucial for achieving the desired aesthetic and functionality.

In this article, we’ll explore tips for identifying quality tile designs and introduce you to Adelaide’s best tiles, where you’ll find a wide range of options to transform your space.


Your new space can look the best it has ever been if you know the right additions to consider. I agree; you must be careful about what you add to your new space. However, you understand that the wrong addition can ruin any plans for making your home look nicer.

Still, there is no doubt that new tiles are an addition you shouldn’t miss out on considering.


These classic yet captivating appeal tiles add to space; you want this appeal for your new area. Most modern home designs with outstanding appeal have tiles as one of their prominent features. Most rooms in these modern homes use tiles in their designs.

However, you do not want to rush and choose any tile design you can find. This is because tiles can also negatively impact your space, similar to how they improve it.


In addition, some tile designs are no-go areas because they are not of excellent quality, and using these tile designs for your new space does not improve it any further.

Now, you may be wondering how to recognise tile designs of high quality and where to locate them. This article will highlight tips for quickly identifying quality tile designs. We will also suggest one of the best tiles Adelaide has to offer for you to make your choice easier.


Tips for Easily Identifying Quality Tile Designs

As previously stated, there are currently many tile designs available for purchase. However, differentiating between high-quality and low-quality tile designs can simplify selection. So, to help you find high-quality tiles to outfit your new home, consider the following:


Chemical and stain-resistant

Stains from substances like chemicals are not a good look for a tile in a new space. To that end, you should look for tiles that resist stains and chemicals when designing your new home.


Fire- and heat-resistant

Excellent-quality tiles will inhibit the spread of fire in an emergency, as they are resistant to high temperatures. As a result, you should prioritise tiles with high heat and fire resistance ratings for your remodel.


Easy cleaning

You will need to clean your new space now and then. Tiles that resist chemical stains are the easiest to maintain.



Most times, the additions you make to your space do not improve it because they are incompatible with your new area. However, this drawback is not an issue since high-quality tiles are adaptable enough to fit any design scheme.



Tiles that are scratch-resistant, antibacterial, and have a high resale value are also examples of high-quality products. And if you’re wondering where to get tiles of the highest quality, look no further than Aurees tiles. 

Rest assured. Adelaide’s best tiles are more than just a reputation. They have earned it. To contact them for high-quality tile services and more information, visit this link!

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High-Quality Tiles in Adelaide: Elevate Your Space

Welcome to the world of high-quality tiles in Adelaide. Having a reliable partner when transforming your space with exceptional tile additions


This article will explore Adelaide’s unparalleled selection and outstanding craftsmanship of high-quality tiles.


Discover why choosing suitable tiles is crucial for enhancing your space’s aesthetics and functionality. Get ready to explore the finest collection of tiles that will elevate your home to new levels of elegance and style.


You’ve probably seen many commercials and read ads recommending dealers or companies you can work with for various home improvement products and services.


Still, some of these advertisements and texts exaggerate what they give you, so naturally, you doubt any information with similar content. Indeed, some of them are selling you a false narrative, but this one is different.


Describing tiles as an excellent addition to any home is an underrated statement because “excellent” is an underrated adjective when considering the benefits these tiles bring to your space.


However, as tiles are an addition that can significantly impact space, it is prudent to be careful where you get your tiles. This is mainly because its significant impact can be positive or negative, but the ultimate condition is quality.


Poor-quality tiles have negative results, while excellent-quality tiles have positive effects.


Aurees Tiles has earned a reputation as one of Adelaide’s best due to its proven quality. So, allow us to show you why you should use Aurees tiles if you need a dealer for excellent-quality tiles.


You Get High-Quality Tiles When You Choose Aurees Tiles!


There are many positives you get when you use Aurees tiles, but the most prominent are:


Energy efficiency 


Knowing that a tile addition in your home can influence the energy (heat) the home uses is fascinating. Well, with Aurees tiles, you are assured of energy-efficient tiles.


Moreover, Aurees tiles installed in certain areas enable you to regulate the energy flow of the heating systems.


Easy to clean 


You want an addition that makes your space convenient for you, and convenience includes easy cleaning. Hence, with Aurees tiles, you get stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and anti-bacterial tiles.


So, you do not worry about how easy it is to clean because, with those qualities, it is easy to clean.


Colourfastness and durability 


Sometimes, you purchase a tile that starts fading from exposure to ultraviolet rays. However, this is not a concern with Aurees tiles, as they are colourfast (maintain their colour despite exposure to ultraviolet rays) and embody durability in tiles.




Sometimes, many people opt for poor-quality tiles, not out of ignorance but because they have a small budget and feel that excellent quality is expensive.


However, this is different with Aurees tiles, as their products and services are affordable for a small budget. Plus, they are at the ideal price for excellent quality.




It’s understandable if you still have doubts about Aurees tiles. However, you can be confident that they are among the top suppliers of high-quality tiles in Adelaide. You can now appreciate their exceptional services by clicking here.

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How Tiles Will Transform Your Space

Do you want to transform your space with tiles? Tiles can be the perfect option. Their durability, adaptability, and energy efficiency offer various benefits for your home.


This post will investigate how tiles may transform your space and lead you to choose the best tile shop in Adelaide for high-quality solutions. Get ready to experience the unlimited possibilities of tile patterns and modifications for your living area.


Building decisions can occasionally cause a headache, especially when deciding on the best material. The nagging headache is that any material you add to the room can positively or negatively impact the space.


This uncertainty results from the wide variety of currently available materials, some of which are very high quality while others are not. Still, as a space owner, you must avoid picking poor-quality materials because they do not improve your space.


When selecting materials for a space addition, it’s important to consider compatibility and versatility as crucial factors.


Does the material adjust to the space when you use it? That’s what compatibility implies. If yes, then the material makes an excellent addition to your room.


Versatility is crucial for a space to accommodate its various purposes and activities. Therefore, choosing a material that can provide such flexibility is essential. Consequently, check how well a material accommodates the activities conducted in your space before choosing.


Well, one material that is an ideal consideration for any space is tile. This ceramic- or porcelain-made addition can improve your home in many aspects.


From the possibilities in design to the improved value and some degree of resistance in your home, tiles are an excellent addition to any space. However, giving more details on how tiles will transform your area is better, as this will help you decide whether you want them as an addition.


Benefits of Tiles to a Space


Let’s examine their advantages to understand how tiles can enhance your space.




High-quality tiles have a reputation for being durable and resistant to various factors. They can withstand spills, scratches, and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for use in spaces where these conditions are present. Additionally, tiles resist stains, scratches, and fires, making them a reliable and practical choice for many settings.


Easy to clean


It is stain- and scratch-resistant and anti-bacterial, which makes it easy to clean. Hence, if you have tiles in your space, you are confident that cleaning will not be a hassle.




As mentioned earlier, tiles are versatile and suitable for any activity. Therefore, you can freely use the space without any concern about damaging the tiles, as they are not a factor in determining the area’s usability.


Energy efficiency


Adaptability is a crucial quality of tiles, extending to temperature change. Hence, since tiles adapt to the temperature of your space, you know it is an energy-efficient addition.




Yes, tiles are a great addition to your home, but the above benefits only apply if you buy the best tiles. You can get these quality tiles at one of Adelaide’s best tile shops, which also offers excellent tiling services. To get in touch with them, click here.

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The Top Tile Provider in Adelaide is Aurees Tiles: Here’s Why

Experience excellence in tile solutions with Aurees Tiles, the top tile provider in Adelaide. Discover the reasons why homeowners choose Aurees Tiles for their high-quality tile needs.


From durability to stunning designs, explore how Aurees Tiles can transform your space into something extraordinary.


Few things in life can match the happiness of being a homeowner. The process involves various factors, and there are significant decisions you will need to make. Choosing the floor type for your new home is one of the trickiest decisions.


We understand the significance of the floor and the need to handle it with care. For one, it carries the weight of all the people and property in the house, so it must be as sturdy as possible.


Talk about a solid floor type; tiles will be among the best. That’s why you’ll find them in modern and traditional homes; they’re among the most popular.


It’s important to note that you’ll only experience the advantages of this flooring if you choose high-quality tiles. Discover the benefits of selecting high-quality tiles for your home and learn why Aurees Tiles is the top tile provider in Adelaide in this informative article.


Read on for more exciting information.


Why You Need New Tiles for Your New Space


Tiles have been an ever-present flooring option for modern houses and have helped revolutionise modern architecture.


Do you need more convincing that tiles are the right choice for your new home? However, the benefits of this material for flooring need no further elaboration.


Not only are they solid enough to withstand pressure, but they are also very comfortable and feel good to step on. Also, the fabulous finishes can significantly improve the overall design of your space and make it even more practical.


Aurees Tiles: Top Tile Provider in Adelaide for Your Convenience


Tiles come in different types, colours, shapes, and sizes. There are also other classes of tiles, and the differences between top-quality and low-quality tiles are often evident. However, the most excellent place to go in Adelaide for high-quality tiles is Aurees, and here’s why:




Durability is a standard quality of many tiles, but you get extra assurance with Aurees tiles. Porcelain is ideal for tiles as it has the least porous nature. In addition, the fact that they retain no moisture adds to their suitability for use throughout the home.


Value for Money


Considering the numerous merits of Aurees tiles, you’ll typically expect them to cost a fortune. But that’s hardly the case, as these tiles are very affordable. Hence, you know you are getting real value for your money with Aurees.




Talking about Aurees tiles without mentioning their simple yet elegant designs would be unjust. So, if you are looking for tiles that uplift the design of your home or add colour to your space, here’s your solution.




Choosing flooring that works with the rest of the room is essential, whether redecorating or creating a new home. This article highlights why Aurees Tiles is the best option in Adelaide and beyond. So, go ahead and contact us now!

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Why Green Tiles Are a Must-Have for Your Bathroom Remodel

Hey there, bathroom renovators! We know remodelling your bathroom can be daunting, but don’t worry—we’re here to help. Today, we will discuss why green tiles are necessary for your bathroom remodel.


Not only are they eco-friendly and sustainable, but they’re also versatile and stylish. Plus, with so many green tiles available, you can find something that fits your style and budget.


Benefits of Using Green Tiles in Bathroom Remodels


First, discuss the benefits of using green tiles in your bathroom remodel. For starters, green tiles are a sustainable choice, which means they’re good for the planet.


They’re also versatile, durable, and low-maintenance, which makes them a practical choice for any bathroom. Plus, if you ever decide to sell your home, having green tiles in your bathroom can increase its value.


Types of Green Tiles for Bathroom Remodels


Now that we’ve covered the benefits of using green tiles let’s talk about the different types of green tiles you can use in your bathroom remodel.


Several options include ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, natural stone tiles, and mosaic tiles. Each type of tile has unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s essential to consider your options carefully before deciding.


How to Incorporate Green Tiles Into Bathroom Remodels


Once you’ve chosen the type of green tile you want to use in your bathroom remodel, it’s time to figure out how to incorporate it into your space.


There are several ways you can do this, including using green tiles for accent walls and shower niches, as well as for flooring and backsplashes. You can also use green tiles to create shower enclosures, and bathtub surrounds or add green tile accessories and decor to your bathroom.


Tips for Choosing the Right Green Tiles for Your Bathroom Remodel


Now that you know the benefits of using green tiles and how to incorporate them into your bathroom remodel, it’s time to discuss choosing the right ones. Consider the overall style, colour scheme, and budget when shopping for green tiles.


You should also choose tiles appropriate for high-moisture environments and decide on a pattern or layout that complements your space.


Date Walls: The Perfect Green Tile Combination


Looking for a unique way to incorporate green tiles into your bathroom remodel? Consider using the “date walls” technique. This involves arranging green tiles to spell out a date or message, creating a personalised touch in your bathroom.


Shopping for Green Tiles: Adding to Cart and Entering Payment Info


Now that you know everything there is to know about green tiles, it’s time to start shopping! When you find the perfect green tiles for your bathroom remodel, add them to your cart and enter your payment information.


With a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to creating the bathroom of your dreams.


Wrap Up!


This guide has helped explain why green tiles are necessary for remodelling your bathroom. Green tiles are the perfect choice for any bathroom with their eco-friendliness, versatility, and style.


Just remember to choose the right type of tile, incorporate it into your space in a way that works for you, and have fun with the process!

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Where to Find the Best Nort East Adelaide Tile Shop

Visit our North East Adelaide tile shop today and discover the perfect tiles for your space!


Finding suitable tiles for your North-East Adelaide home can be daunting, considering the many options available.


But worry no more! Aurees Tiles, the leading tile shop in North East Adelaide, has covered you. With our extensive range of top-quality tiles, including floor tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, and more, we cater to all your tiling needs.


Shopping for tiles includes much more than finding the right colours or patterns. With Aurees Tiles, your search for the best tiles in North East Adelaide can end. We are a factory-direct tile store.


Our wide selection of tiles is like no other in North East Adelaide. From floor tiles, bathroom tiles, and kitchen tiles to mosaics and even feature tiles, we have all your needs covered. So whether you want a complete home renovation or a simple kitchen redesign, our tiles suit all tastes.


Here are some of the aspects that make us the go-to tile shop in North East Adelaide:


Extensive Tile Variety


Tiles have endless benefits. They require little upkeep, are simple to clean, and have many stylish options. Because of this, all North East Adelaide homes feature tiling.


We understand how suitable tiles can completely transform the look of any North-East Adelaide house. To suit all tastes and styles, we stock more than 500 varieties of tiles. Our range of local and imported tiles comes in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colours.


We also have new tile products at our North East Adelaide store monthly. So, you can always rest assured that you will find the latest in the tile market. Do not feel overwhelmed!


Our team of tile experts will gladly help you find the options that best suit your north-east Adelaide home.


Quality Tiles


Installing tiles in your North East Adelaide house is a long-term investment. That is why you should buy only premium-quality tiles. Otherwise, you might need to change the tiles in your North East Adelaide house every two years.


To secure your investment, we stock only high-quality tiles. They will look fantastic and enrich your North East Adelaide home design. Our quality tiles will also last for years.


Competitive Prices


You won’t have to break the bank if you choose our premium-quality tiles. We are a factory-direct outlet in North-East Adelaide, so our prices on tiles are unbeatable. Our competitors can’t match our tile prices because they must pay for expensive overhead.


Excellent Customer Service


At Aurees Tiles, we are not just the best tile store in North East Adelaide. We also offer various services to enhance your tile shopping experience. For example, in the design phase of your new North East Adelaide house, you can benefit from our full personal tile selection service.


We also stock a range of tiling tools, adhesives, and tiling equipment at our North East Adelaide store. So, if you are approaching a DIY tile project, our store is the place to start. That is why many clients consider us their one-stop shop.


Get the best tiles in North East Adelaide. Visit our store today!

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