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Why Choose Aurees Tiles?

When looking at tiling an area of your home, you want to be sure that your chosen tile retailer has a wide variety of designs, solutions, and expertise to help you make a well-informed decision.


At Aurees Tiles, we pride ourselves on clearly focusing on customer satisfaction and an extensive product range. Our meticulous customer service, competitive prices, and high-quality products have made us one of the largest suppliers in Adelaide.


We have listed some fantastic reasons you should go with Aurees Tiles for your next tiling project.



We understand that making the right choice can influence your home’s look and feel. This is why we take the time to know what you want to achieve in design. From here, we develop recommendations that are best suited to your needs.


Our selection includes various kitchen, bathroom, and floor tiles in Adelaide. With over 500 varieties and new products arriving monthly, you can be sure that you will find the perfect option at Aurees Tiles.



Our showroom stocks over 500 varieties, ranging from local to imported. This allows you to create a space that is specific to your tastes. Perhaps you want to create a Moroccan-themed splashback or something more understated; we’ve got it all.


We understand the choice can be overwhelming, and that’s why we have a dedicated team that specialises in helping you choose the best option for you alongside the best value in Adelaide.



Whether you’re building a new home or simply renovating your kitchen or bathroom, rest assured that we can help. We can help you throughout the design process and offer our knowledge and expertise with our personalised selection service.



We are a factory-direct outlet, meaning we can offer you prices that are impossible to beat. We regularly have a flow of new products coming through, and without the significant overheads of many of our competitors, we can offer you the best value in town.


Drop into our Adelaide showroom and see it for yourself. We also offer a wide range of adhesive, tiling tools, and equipment at a great price.

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What Makes a Great Floor Tile?

Your home’s flooring can make or break the aesthetic of your interior design. When choosing a ceramic or porcelain flooring option for your home, there are a few things to consider.


Below, we have included some tips and advice when picking the perfect flooring solution for you.


Floor Colour

You want to coordinate your flooring with the entire room, not just your wall colour. Consider things like cupboards and furnishings in the room that may have accent colours, as these will all come into play when picking out your flooring colour.


Ceramic and porcelain flooring are durable, so you can rest assured it will be around for years. This means that your flooring choice could be in your home as long as you are, so we suggest you choose a natural colour.


Think about the amount of natural light coming through your room, as that may determine whether your floors need to reflect the morning to make your space feel more significant or if a darker-coloured tile is better suited.


Keep the finish in mind. Colours such as glossy blacks often show dirt more than lighter tones.


Pattern and Size

Your tiles can adhere to the floor in various ways, such as standard fixing or brick-bonded and staggered. Anything is possible when it comes to patterns. Depending on your choice, there can be a variety of sizes, and you may have a modular design to follow for each square metre.


Your floor tile size determines how many grout lines are shown in the flooring. Fewer grout lines can create the illusion of more space, which is excellent for rooms on the small side.


Ceramic or Porcelain

Porcelain tends to be a more robust material because of its density. Because of this, porcelain is the preferred choice for outdoor spaces, as it will not soak up water, which can freeze and crack.


However, considering the amount of traffic the flooring exposes, determine if you need porcelain or ceramic. Ceramic options have a grading system to determine if they are better suited for commercial or domestic use.


If you were tiling the floor of a shopping mall, then porcelain would be best suited because of the high volume of foot traffic. However, ceramic would be suitable if you were tiling a residential kitchen.


It’s always worth checking which type best suits your needs, as it can save you headaches further down the track.


If you’re unsure, buy from a knowledgeable supplier instead, such as Aurees Tiles. Not only do we have the best range in the business, but we also have the tools to get the job done!

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Advantages of Using Floor Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain flooring is a versatile resource that can be utilised in various architectural environments without worrying about water and stains. Tiles are a great flooring option because of their versatility and longevity, among other distinguishing characteristics.


Here are five advantages of using floor tiles for your flooring:


Lasting Power and Durability

Both ceramic and porcelain options are extremely tough and are often hard to crack or damage. If installed correctly, they can last 10–20 years if well maintained. If damage does occur, the process of replacing them is relatively easy.


Variety of Design Options

The techniques used to manufacture modern tiles allow them to be printed in various ways. They can be arranged in patterns or accented with designs and motifs.


It also allows you to replicate the look of other materials, such as hardwoods and natural stones. When creating a layout, you have complete customisation as they can be cut and shaped into triangles, rectangles, and planks.


Low Maintenance

Tiled flooring proves to be easy to look after. Liquids, dirt, and stains all rest on the surface, allowing you to clean them up with minimal effort. Regular maintenance mainly consists of vacuuming and the occasional mop to keep the floor clean and tidy.


In the event of a spillage, you can freely use robust and heavy-duty cleaning products without worrying about damaging them.


This proves time and time again to be one of the best-selling points. Soap and water will clean up any spill, and many grouts on the market are 100% stain-resistant.


Water Resistance

All glazed ceramic and porcelain flooring has a protective layer that adheres to the material, making it water- and stain-resistant. These tiles are also naturally resistant to high humidity, making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.


However, an unglazed flooring option must be sealed to provide them with the same protection from liquids. This also applies to the grout lines. Otherwise, water can seep down, weakening the installation and causing mould to grow.


Allergen Concerns

Because of its complex, solid surface, tiled flooring does not attract pollen, dust, or other allergens. When dust or pollen does land on a ceramic or porcelain floor, it stands out amongst the surface, making clean-up easy and quick. This also helps keep the air clean and free of irritating materials that can harm people with asthma.


If you’re considering tiles for your next surface solution, visit Aurees Tiles to view our range of tiling designs and solutions.

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On Trend Tiles for Your Kitchen in 2017

In the past, tiles were often only used in kitchens as a splashback and flooring option. In the early years, splashbacks were often colourful and filled with fruit and vegetable graphics in standard 4×4 ceramic options.


Moving forward to 2017, the average kitchen tile has undergone many changes.


Today, we see more people installing stone, glass, mirror, or metal splashbacks and occasionally even going for something more creative, using artful designs and incorporating textures and differently shaped mosaics.


Below, we have listed some styles that have gained popularity in 2017 to help you pick a design that best suits your design tastes when designing your kitchen.


Popular Colour Choices

Grey is a favourite colour choice amongst many Australians this year, as is the timeless classic beige and cream palette.


The concrete look is becoming increasingly popular, and designs combine natural elements and materials to achieve a layered organic look.


Designers also show more adventure when using colour in their kitchens, particularly pastel tones, while others are moving towards creating a more ‘ moody’ kitchen with a dark grey to black palette.


Overall, designs are showing more layering of colours, mixing their mediums and textures to create a visually exciting space.


Wood Look

Wood-look styles are great for creating visually exciting spaces while remaining practical. Over time, the variety of wood tiles available has increased dramatically, and the interest in installing them has increased.


Unlike timber, these styles, which look incredibly realistic, are less susceptible to the denting, scratching, warping, and cracking that affect natural wooden flooring.


We offer a wide variety of wood-look styles at Aurees Tiles. All are very robust and versatile and work well in kitchen flooring. Available in various colours, including natural timber tones varying from light to too much richness, they are perfect for multiple design aesthetics.



Subway tiles are gaining popularity in both residential and commercial buildings. The name comes from their extensive use on the New York City subway.


The style works well in vintage, contemporary, provincial, or industrial kitchens. Various varieties of this style are available at multiple price points, making them great for every budget.


This design is proving to be a popular option for splashbacks, and like other porcelain options, it is simple to clean and heat-resistant.


If you’re looking to re-tile your kitchen, call Aurees Tiles today. With Adelaide’s most significant tile choices, you can remain confident that we have something perfect for your kitchen design.

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Top 5 Tips for Selecting Great Tiles for Your Home

When building or renovating your home, choosing your tiles can be a daunting experience. After all, they are more often than not going to be a surface that you and your family will use the most every day.


At Aurees Tiles, we have a stunning range to ensure your home is functional and striking. Below, we have compiled a list of the top five tips to help you choose the best tiles for your new home or renovation.


Think About the Rooms

Whether it be your living area, laundry, bathroom, kitchen, or even your entire house, choose an option that complements the look you want to create for that space.


For example, larger tiles instantly add style and a sensation of space to your living areas. However, placing larger sizes in small rooms, such as your bathroom, can have the opposite effect.


Make Sure the Tile You Choose Comes in A Range of Sizes

More extensive options that start at 600mm in size and larger look fantastic in an open living space, such as a live room, while smaller sizes of around 300 mm create a beautiful look and help with water drainage in your home’s wet areas.


Choosing the same style and colour in various sizes can help create a seamless transition throughout your home.


Choose your finish carefully.

You can create an earthy appeal using a matte or natural finish, while a gloss finish provides your home with a modern, silky look. However, it is essential to remember that dust is more likely to appear on floors with a glossy finish, but the luxurious shine throughout your home may be worth the effort.


Select your Feature

By choosing a feature tile for your home, you can create a stunning aesthetic and generate interest in your home. Feature designs can be included on floors and walls, but ensuring the surrounding colours blend well with your feature designs’ patterns and colour choices is essential.


Enjoy A Timber Look Without The Hassle

Wood-look tiles are becoming increasingly popular and offer a fantastic alternative to timber floorboards. Wood-look styles are not only waterproof, but they are much easier to keep clean.


At Aurees Tiles, we have a tremendous range of wood-look designs ranging from lighter to deeper tones, making them perfect for any home design.


Why not visit the Aurees Tiles showroom and look at our fantastic tiling range for yourself? Our friendly staff can help you make an informed decision for your home and can help you with your tiling design. Give us a call today!

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How to Choose the Best Tiles for Your Bathroom

It doesn’t matter how well you design your bathroom layout. Making an unfortunate tiling choice can have a devastating effect on the bathroom’s overall look and feel.


However, the right tile choice can turn your bathroom into a home highlight. If your bathroom looks worse for wear but is not in the market for an entire bathroom renovation, tiles are the perfect way to freshen up your space.


Your choice of shape, size, material, colour, and finish all come into consideration when making the right tile choice for your bathroom, but there are various other factors to contemplate, too. Don’t worry; we’ll help you narrow down your selection.


Take Your Time Choosing Your Tiles

Allocate a decent amount of time when tile shopping. At Aurees Tiles, we have many tiles, including the latest trends, colours, and design options. It’s not uncommon for people to feel overwhelmed by the selection process, so be sure to give yourself enough time to find the tiles that best suit your Adelaide bathroom aesthetic.


Colour and Finish

When you walk into our showroom, you’ll be amazed at the range of tiles that look amazing on their own. However, if the style, colour, and finish don’t complement the style of your bathroom, they will quickly lose their appeal.


Be mindful of trends that may date quickly. If it’s longevity that you’re looking for, sticking to a neutral palette is your best bet.


Have a colour in mind and stick to it. When choosing a tile colour scheme for your bathroom, collect pictures of bathrooms you like the look of. This will help cut down on the planning process.


Bring Your Plans

Be sure to bring your floor plan in-store when choosing your tiles. This way, our expert team can help you plan your design with the exact tiles you’ll need based on your room’s dimensions.


Enhance Your Space

If you’ve got a slightly smaller bathroom, placing larger tiles on the wall will give the illusion of a more oversized bathroom. Tiles around 200mm by 400mm are a good choice; larger tiles mean less grout to clean.



The grout colour of your choice will ultimately change your room’s final aesthetic. Choose a similar or matching colour to your tiles for a subtler appearance. Contrasting grout colours will further define the shape of your tiles and create a busier surface.


At Aurees Tiles, we have an extensive selection of tiles to suit every Adelaide bathroom design. Our friendly sales team will assist you with every step in design and colour selection to ensure that your bathroom tiles are the highlight of your bathroom. Come and see us today!

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What You Need to Know When It Comes to Tiling a Space in Your Home

Preparation is the most crucial element in the process, whether it is your floors or walls. Accurately measuring your area will help determine how many tiles are required for your project and help things run smoothly without complications.


We have listed a few tips and tricks to ensure you always get the suitable tiles!


How ample is your space?

Firstly, you will need to determine just how ample your space is. Start by measuring your floor space before moving on to the wall space. You’ll need to convert metres and centimetres into square metres from here. This will make ordering your tiles easier. Our biggest tip when measuring is to do it twice to be sure.


Floor Plans

If you take your room’s measurements from the builder’s floor plans, be sure you have the most up-to-date version. Decide on the pattern and tiling technique you’re planning to use. This will influence the number of tiles you’ll need and the grout patterns and width when determining the final measurements.


When choosing tiles, bring your measurements and floor plans with you. The team at Aurees Tiles will be able to assess and assist you with the required amount.


Remove the window space, but add tiled skirtings and sills.


Always Order Extra

You should add 10–15 per cent when ordering to allow for breakages and spares. You’ll need to cut tiles to fit around aspects of your room, and the cut-offs may not be proper anywhere else. Others may become damaged during transit or blemished. Even if you end up with extra tiles, they will often be helpful later.


Consider Accessories

Also, consider any tiling accessories you want to add to ensure your project has a professional finish. Soap dishes, brass strips, and step edges will finish your tiling and give you a look like no other.


Tools Make All the Difference

As well as having the most extensive range in the business, Aurees Tiles has all the tools required to get the job done and done well. We supply everything from glue and paint mixers to spacers, all made to match our range and benefit any project you may be undertaking.


For the best advice and the highest quality tiles in Adelaide, visit Aurees Tiles today! Our friendly staff will help you determine how many tiles you need and provide design assistance.

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Will Tiles Last Longer than Other Flooring Types?

How long will tiles last? Porcelain and ceramic tiles have evolved significantly over the years. Now known for their durability and low maintenance, tiles have not always been known as the modern flooring option they are today


We have combined a few points surrounding the durability and benefits of choosing tiles as a flooring option for your home.


State-of-the-Art Technology

Innovative technology makes it possible for tiles to resemble realistic reproductions of other surface materials such as wood, granite, and slate.


Tiles can mimic the appearance of other flooring options and textures. With tiles ‘ durability and maintenance benefits, you can have a flooring option that can evolve at the same speed as the latest design trends.


Durability with Modern Form

Tiles from historic empires to modern mansions have been used because of their unbeatable strength and versatility. To this day, tiles remain the longest-lasting flooring option available. Compared to laminate flooring and vinyl tiles, porcelain tiles can last up to five times longer.


Modern World Convenience

In a world where time efficiency is more important than ever, nobody wants to spend countless hours keeping their flooring clean. The flooring materials of today need to accommodate this much-desired efficiency rather than hinder it.


This separates tiles from other flooring materials, making them the ultimate modern flooring option. At Aurees Tiles in Adelaide, you are presented with limitless possibilities and the convenience we crave.


Unlike other options, porcelain flooring gives your home a flat, hard surface that will not absorb liquids or other substances. This means that not only will your floor maintenance be minimal, but your floors will last longer and not require replacement for years to come, saving you time and money.


The Flooring of The Future

As flooring trends are continually changing, there is one that has and will always remain one of the most trusted solutions. Design versatility will only continue to develop as technology continues to advance. This means that porcelain tiles will always stay a modern flooring option, regardless of what you throw at them.


Are you ready to take advantage of tiles’ durability and convenience but unsure where to start? Come and visit us at Aurees Tiles in Adelaide today! Our expert staff can walk you through every option and help you create a flooring design that enhances your home and keeps your maintenance low.

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Will Tiles Keep My Home Cool in Summer?

How Tiles Can Help Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

You can do various things to keep your home cool throughout the hot Australian summers. Investing in block-out blinds or a high-quality air-conditioning system is functional but can often cost you significantly in the long term. However, nothing will lower your home’s temperature as effectively as tiled flooring. Below, we have listed a few points about how tiled flooring can help and why it is such an efficient and effective temperature control system.


How do they work?

First, it’s essential to understand how tiled flooring keeps your home cool. Porcelain flooring works by not retaining any heat, which, compared to other flooring surfaces, can significantly reduce the heat in your home. Ensuring your feet are excellent always makes an enormous difference to your overall body temperature, so rather than add warmth, as carpet does, tiles will ensure that your temperature stays relaxed and comfortable.


Concentrate on The Main Areas

When installing porcelain or ceramic flooring in your home, it is essential to consider putting them in the right places. Consider the rooms where you spend most of your time, such as your kitchen, living room, and entertainment areas. These are all fantastic places to install tiles to keep your home’s temperature down.


Invest in Rugs for Your Home

We all know summer isn’t forever, and when wintertime rolls around in Adelaide, it can get cold quickly. During the wintertime, you’ll need as much extra warmth as possible. Adding some rugs to your rooms is a great way to have the best of both worlds year-round. Not only will you add warmth during the wintertime, but you will also create a space with a fantastic interior style.


Other Benefits

Aside from the obvious cooling benefits, tiles come with many other benefits. They can add style and colour to any home and are an excellent option for your home’s air quality.


Porcelain flooring will outlast almost every other flooring material, increasing your property value and providing an environmentally friendly way to cool your home, not to mention the value-for-money benefits you won’t find with other flooring materials. The Aurees Tiles Adelaide showroom has a vast range of porcelain tiles.


The difference a tiled floor will make to your home’s temperature during the summer is phenomenal, increasing your quality of life throughout the warmer months. Don’t suffer through another sweltering summer; invest in tiled flooring for your Adelaide home from the team at Aurees Tiles today!

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How The Right Kitchen Tile Can Transform Your Adelaide Home

Whether you’re building or renovating your Adelaide kitchen, the kitchen tiles you choose will significantly affect your room’s overall look and feel. Not only do you want a tile that looks good and fits in well with your design aesthetic, but because the kitchen is such a highly used area, you should also be looking for a durable tile.


At Aurees Tiles, we have Adelaide’s largest tile showroom, so you can rest assured that you can find the perfect kitchen tiling solution for your Adelaide home. Keep reading to discover the key things to look for when choosing the ideal kitchen tile and how it can completely transform your interior space.


Kitchen Tile colours

When looking for the perfect tile, it is essential to consider the overall colour scheme of your home, especially if you have an open-plan kitchen and living space. Think about the colours of your kitchen cabinetry and how well they go with your kitchen tile selection.


Kitchen tiles are also a great way to add a pop of colour and completely transform your kitchen’s overall look and feel. This is an excellent option for those who have chosen a kitchen revamp rather than a complete renovation process.


At Aurees Tiles, we have an extensive selection of porcelain and ceramic tiles in various colours and finishes, leaving you spoiled for choice.


Whether you need kitchen tiles for the floor or the wall, choosing a tile with a unique shape can be the perfect way to add a point of interest. Many homeowners will stray away from differently shaped tiles as they feel they will look odd in their space. However, choosing a neutral tile that can be adhered to in a herringbone or zigzag pattern can subtly create a classy and unique space.


At Aurees Tiles, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with an abundance of choice. If you’re unsure what you want, chat with one of our friendly and experienced staff members!


An aspect of tiling that is often overlooked when it comes to its design potential is the size of your tile. It is also essential to consider the size of your kitchen when choosing the right-sized kitchen tile. If you’re looking for a kitchen floor tile for your open-plan living area, opting for a larger tile can be the perfect way to create a more spacious-looking kitchen and living space.


However, when looking for a kitchen tile that is on the smaller side, it just won’t look right. The simple rule of thumb is to choose a tile reflected in the room size you’re dealing with.


If you’re looking for premium kitchen tiles for your new kitchen project, you can’t surpass the choice offered at Aurees Tiles. With an extensive range of kitchen tiles available at affordable prices, visit Aurees Tiles today!

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