Cleaning Tips for Your Adelaide Tiles!

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Many Adelaide homeowners prefer using tiles for their walls and floors since cleaning them is a breeze. Tiles are durable, stylish and most importantly, low maintenance. They are much easier to clean than other types of flooring, such as hardwood. However, that does not mean that all your tiles need is just a wipe with a mop. 

With the right tricks, you can keep the tiles in your Adelaide home shiny and looking as good as new. Here are some valuable tiles cleaning tips:

Vacuum Dry Tiles

Before using any water to clean your Adelaide tiles, you need to vacuum them first. Loose dirt, debris and food crumbs will be much harder to clean if they get wet. They can turn into grime. That is why it is crucial to start the floor cleaning by giving your Adelaide tiles a good sweep.

Vacuuming is much faster and more effective than sweeping. It will help you remove the smallest debris and dirt from your tiles. Try to use the crevice tools of your vacuum cleaner to reach the corners and tightest spaces of your Adelaide tile floor.

Mop the Floor

Many homeowners have the misconception that a sponge mop is the best tool to use for cleaning tiles. However, that is not true. Sponge mops will push the dirty water into the grout lines. On the other hand, strip mops are a better choice. They will collect the dirt instead of spreading it around.

When mopping your Adelaide floor, try to make straight passes, instead of circular movements. A secret to making your Adelaide tiles shine again is adding some vinegar or fresh lemon juice to the mopping water you will use. Avoid using these acid ingredients on stone tiles. They can visibly damage them. Instead, use non-acidic and non-abrasive tiles cleaners.

Rinse the Tiles

To rinse your Adelaide floor, use warm water. Rinse properly to make sure any traces of detergents are completely removed. Otherwise, your Adelaide tiles will take more time to dry. Soap residues increase the risk of slipping. They will also leave marks on your tiles and make them look hazy. 

Dry the Floor Immediately

After cleaning your Adelaide tiles floor, you should make sure they are completely dry before allowing anyone to come in. Wet tiles can be slippery. They can cause serious accidents and injuries. You can run a dry mop over your tiles or use a clean, lint-free cloth. It will help dry the tiles faster. 

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