Different Types of Tiles, Explained by Pros

Regarding cost-effective home improvement projects, changing tiles tops the list. However, selecting the suitable tiles for your Adelaide home can be overwhelming with the different types and styles available.


That’s where expert guidance comes in. In this article, we delve into tiles, providing you with essential information on ceramic, porcelain, marble, and natural stone tiles. Gain insights from the pros to make informed decisions for every room.


Welcome to the ultimate tile guide, brought to you by Aurees Tiles, the leading tile provider in Adelaide.


Regarding cost-effective home improvement projects, changing the tiles is at the top. Today, tiles come in a variety of materials and styles. However, choosing suitable tiles for every room in your Adelaide home can be confusing.


That is why you need some guidance from experts.


Before embarking on your tile shopping journey, you must familiarise yourself with the different types of tiles. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the various types of tiles:


Ceramic Tiles


The affordability and durability of ceramic tiles make them one of the most popular materials on the market. In addition, ceramic tiles can be installed in various locations in your home.


This material can be used on any room’s floors, countertops, and walls. To suit different tastes and styles, ceramic tiles offer endless choices in sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns.


Porcelain Tiles


They are similar to ceramic tiles but more durable. As a material, porcelain is more vigourous and denser than ceramic. That is why porcelain tiles are a better choice for high-traffic areas in your Adelaide home.


When it comes to designs, porcelain offers greater flexibility. In addition, unlike ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles can mimic other materials, like marble or hardwood planks. That is why porcelain is considered the chameleon of tile materials.


Marble Tiles


No other tile material can elevate the design of any space like marble. This natural stone creates a feeling of elegance in any room.


In addition, the dazzling natural veins in these tiles add unique depth and contrast. You cannot replicate this fantastic work of nature with any other material.


When it comes to natural stone tile, marble typically costs the most. However, it is worth the cost. Adding marble tiles to your Adelaide home is a surefire way to raise its resale price.


Most people understand the worth of this material. Marble tiles do not just look incredible. This material is also highly durable.


Natural Stone Tiles


Marble is not the only natural stone material option for tiles. There are also limestone, sandstone, and granite tiles. All these tile materials vary in strength and durability. For example, granite tiles are extremely dense and durable.


This material is even more complex than marble. That is why granite tiles are an excellent option for the floors of busy spaces in your Adelaide home.


Granite is also completely waterproof. So, you can use it for outdoor wet areas. Being scratch-resistant also makes granite tiles perfect for countertops. This material will not absorb any moisture or stains.


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