DIY Tiling: Don’t Try It Before Reading These Tips From the Experts!

Tiles can completely change the look of any space. That is why tiling is a staple in any interior design magazine. In addition, tiling can be one of the homeowners’ most rewarding DIY projects with the right tips.


Do not be afraid to explore tiling projects yourself. With the right tips, tiling can go smoothly. You will be amazed at what you have accomplished. To help you with your first tiling project, here are a few tips:


Get the Right Tools and Materials


One of the first tips for any DIY project is to fully prepare before starting the work. Tiling requires special tools and materials. But, of course, it all depends on the unique requirements of your project.


However, these are some essential tips you will need to get started. From grout and adhesives to a tile cutter, a level, and a clean bucket, prepare a list of all your tiling needs.


Larger tiles require less work.


If you are new to tiling, start with a project that involves larger tiles. Following these tips will save you much time and effort on your tiling project. However, more oversized tiles take up more space. So, you will need to install fewer tiles with fewer grout lines.


Dry-Lay Tiles


Most tiles can be installed in various ways. However, planning the layout before starting the real tiling work would be best. One of the best tips is to lay the tiles dry to see how they will make the space look. These tips will let you get creative and try various designs and styles.


Prepare the Subfloor


Before starting the tiling installation, you need to prepare the base first. Getting the floor flat and level is one of the most critical tiling tips. Tiling on a wavy floor is a nightmare, resulting in disastrous results.


Do Not Grout Immediately


As you might have noticed, all tiling tips are about the details. Grout is one of the essential tiling details that many people tend to overlook. Choosing a suitable grout is as necessary as selecting the right tiles.


Other grout tips involve waiting for the tiling adhesive to dry completely. Grouting on wet adhesives can make a mess. The tiles might move out of place and destroy your masterpiece.


Buy the Right Tiles


Of course, finding suitable tiles is one of the first tiling tips you should follow. At Aurees Tiles, we have an extensive range of competitively priced tiles. Our team can help you choose suitable tiles and buy the right amount for your project.


They can also provide you with valuable DIY tiling tips. At our showroom, you will also find an extensive range of tools, adhesives, and tiling equipment.


Make your tiling project effective and hassle-free. Visit our store for more expert tips!