Your Guide To Choosing The Right Bathroom Tile For Your Adelaide Home

Choosing The Right Bathroom Tile

When it comes to selecting the perfect bathroom tile for your Adelaide home, the look of your bathroom is usually dictated by the type of bathroom tile you choose. This area of your home is considered to be one of the most important as yourself and guests frequent it.

While the tile selection process can seem like an overwhelming experience, with the extensive range of shapes, colours and textures on the market, it doesn’t have to be that difficult with the right knowledge and know how. At Aurees Tiles, we have years of extended experience and expertise in the tile industry and can guide you through everything you need to know about choosing bathroom tiles!

To assist you through the selection process, we’ve created a go-to guide for your reference when selecting the perfect bathroom tile for your Adelaide home. Keep reading!

Step 1. Do Your Homework

Like anything in the home improvement sector, it is highly essential that you do your research before committing to a sale. So, when choosing the right bathroom tiles, it is necessary to understand the suitability of the different types of materials. The three most common types of tiles on the market are porcelain, ceramic and stone. Each has their benefits and setbacks depending on their purpose and location in the house.

At Aurees Tiles, bring in your plans, measurements and design inspiration and a member of our friendly team can help you find a tile that meets your functional and aesthetic requirements!

Step 2. Look at the Slip Wear Rating

Our bathrooms are always wet and mostly moist for the majority of the time. Thus, slip-resistance is especially crucial for bathroom tiles. A slip-rating test subjects tiles through testing that will assess the character of the surface to determine which is best suited for specific environmental conditions. These tests will measure the tiles’ long-term wear throughout the lifespan of a floor, as well as considering the amount of foot traffic, cleaning maintenance and wear characteristics.

When it comes to bathroom tiles is it recommended that you always opt for tiles with a minimum slip rating of PEI Class 2 Rating.

Step 3. Choosing the Right Tile Size

When it comes to choosing tiles for your room, the basic rule of thumb is to consider the size of your bathroom first. A large bathroom will look spacious and stunning with a large format tile for both the walls and floors. However, when it comes to smaller spaces, patterns can help create the illusion of a bigger space, giving the eye a longer path to follow.

At Aurees Tiles, we can assess your bathroom measurements and help you choose a tile that will fit in well with the size of your room, while also complementing your design style.

Step 4. Take Home a Sample Before Buying

Taking a sample bathroom tile home is key to ensuring that your tile will go with your paint choice, as well as your bathroom fittings and fixtures. It will also help you visualise your entire design and re-evaluate the style and size of your bathroom tile.

If you’re looking for a new bathroom tile for your Adelaide home, but not sure where to start? Give the team at Aurees Tiles a visit today. The friendly team can provide you with expert advice and low prices!