Guide to Kitchen Tiles: Top Backsplash Trends

We’re tempted to say that the tile backsplash of your Adelaide kitchen is more important than the floor tiles. When people enter a kitchen, they don’t look at the ground; they look straight ahead. So the first thing that’ll be visible is the backsplash.

No need to mention the floor tiles of your kitchen since all we’ll be talking about here are your backsplash tiles.

If you want to improve the tiles backsplash of your Adelaide kitchen, keep on reading. Here are the top backsplash trends you’ll love in your kitchen:

Honeycomb Kitchen tiles

Are you a lover of mesmerising patterns and would love to give your kitchen a quirky look? Honeycomb tiles will serve as a goof backsplash in your kitchen. It is a type of finish that has risen to popularity seemingly overnight because of its advantages.

It is perfect in the kitchen as it’s easy to clean and doesn’t absorb oils. It’s also perfect for the Adelaide weather as it doesn’t change depending on the temperature.


Metal finishes, just like the material it’s made out of, never age or go out of style. Metal backsplashes give your kitchen a chromatic look no other type of finish can provide. The best part is you can give it any type of finish you want. 

You can have it in a brass, copper, or silver shine. 

The backsplash would look right at home in your Adelaide minimalistic kitchen with silver equipment. Some tiles can imitate the metallic finish so well you wouldn’t even know the difference.


Wood never goes out of style; it only gets finer as it gets older. This applies to wood in all forms of decoration endeavours such as furniture, kitchen design, etc. Wood backsplashes have been a thing for a long time and will most likely continue to be.

If you want to, you can use natural wood as a backsplash option if you’ll be able to handle some of its drawbacks. For example, it doesn’t do well with moisture and will need regular maintenance. However, you don’t have to deal with the problems of natural wood since there are tiles with wooden finishes.

Certain kitchen tiles imitate wood so well, down to the knot, that you’d never be able to tell that it’s not wood. 

Natural stone

If you’ve seen natural stone tiles, you already know why it’s a top backsplash trend. With the beautiful colours that come together in various the contrary, natural variety of shades, natural stone tiles are a favourite in the kitchen. And don’t think that because it’s so shiny, it would require a lot of work. On the contrary, natural stone tiles are easy to take care of and highly durable.

They retain their shine and don’t show signs of wear and tear. They don’t absorb walls, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re pleasant to look at.

Are you interested in any of these kitchen tiles? Would you love to have them in your kitchen? Then, Aurees tiles is here for you and your tiling needs.

Our tiling finishes will transform the backsplash of your Adelaide kitchen. Contact us now so you can begin your selection!