Kitchen Tiles That are Ideal for a Kitchen Splashback!

After deciding on the floor tiles for your Adelaide home, you’re left with a tile selection for your kitchen splashback. If you’re concerned about the functionality of your kitchen, be careful when selecting your backsplash.

This is very important because the wrong backsplash will:

  • Fade quickly.
  • Retain stains, which get dirty easily.
  • It is tough to clean.

A tile being wrong for your backsplash doesn’t mean it’s terrible—it just means it performs appropriately there. So, don’t just select a kitchen backsplash because it’s attractive; you’ll also have to consider other factors.

Here are some of the kitchen tiles you’d surely want in your kitchen:


Textured Tiles

Get textured kitchen tiles if you’re looking to add extra character to your kitchen without having any renovations done. Tiles are usually smooth and, at most, embossed. But textured tiles come with a difference. They come in various patterns and imprints so you can choose from them. For example, you could get them in wavy, mosaic, etc.

They’re unique—you won’t see anyone in Adelaide with the same pattern. And they do an excellent job of adding more dimension to any space. With this splashback, cooking will never be bland again.


Chevron Tiles

These tiles are currently in style, and the reasons are apparent. They come in a zig-zag pattern and are identifiable by their unique “V” shape. Customizable in numerous colors, they’re an instant showstopper thanks to their luxurious design. They could be plain if you have a simple kitchen design and would prefer to keep it that way.

Meanwhile, you can get patterned chevron tiles to add more personality to your kitchen. It could be swirly, floral, etc. And if you like your Adelaide kitchen with a pop of color, chevron tiles are still a good option. They come in various colors—blue, grey, green, or whatever color you prefer.


Subway Tiles

This is one of the most popular kitchen tiles you’ll find in Adelaide. Renowned for their rectangular shape, they’re beloved in the kitchen because of their versatility. Whether your kitchen design is simple, minimalistic, rustic, or contemporary, subway tiles will fit right in.

As a splashback, they could be arranged horizontally or vertically. You could get them in various designs or patterns that fit right in your kitchen. Throw in some color if you want to make your kitchen brighter.


Geometric Tiles

If you like order and shape in your kitchen, geometric tiles are the way to go. They come in various forms, such as hexagons, circles, and patterns. Patterns such as 3D, grey with a splash of black, etc.

They are beautiful and give your kitchen a classy, modern look. Made from ceramic, geometric tiles are very affordable and easy to maintain.

Choosing the correct pattern for the splashback in your Adelaide kitchen would be best because it affects how it looks. These kitchen tiles must look good, be strong, and endure use over time. Get the splashback that’ll last you for years at Aurees Tiles.