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Which Tile Size Is Best For A Small Room?

Working on a small space poses a great set of challenges. The goal for most Adelaide homeowners is to use design elements as smartly as possible. This enables them to make their small rooms more inviting and spacious. The smaller your space is, the more critical each design choice becomes. Tile selection, for example, is … Continue reading “Which Tile Size Is Best For A Small Room?”

How to Care for Your Bathroom Tiles!

When not appropriately cleaned, bathroom tiles can become one of the yuckiest parts of a home. In fact, bathroom tiles are so notorious that cleaning bathrooms are commonly perceived as the most challenging part of any cleaning routine. Thankfully, there are some daily steps you can take to make the upkeep of your bathroom tiling … Continue reading “How to Care for Your Bathroom Tiles!”

Tips for Keeping Your Tiles Squeaky Clean!

Does your Adelaide home feature several tiled surfaces? If you have installed tiles to improve the look of your home, make sure their effect is longlasting. The best way to do this is by caring for your Adelaide tiles through routine cleaning. If tile maintenance is still a new concept to you, don’t worry! We’ll … Continue reading “Tips for Keeping Your Tiles Squeaky Clean!”

Are Tiles the Ultimate Summer Flooring?

There are many different types of flooring you can install in your Adelaide home. Each one brings its own set of qualities to the table. Yet, only a few varieties of flooring can offer as many advantages as tiles. Looking to get your home renovation ready before summer comes around? Tiles without a doubt are … Continue reading “Are Tiles the Ultimate Summer Flooring?”

Tile Colours That Are Making a Breakthrough for 2020!

Lately, tiles are gaining popularity in the world of interior design. Available in a practically infinite range of colours, tiles are the perfect way to uplevel your Adelaide home.  Tiles don’t have to be boring or be confined to bathrooms and kitchens. With their many shapes, textures, sizes, and colours, you can create a design … Continue reading “Tile Colours That Are Making a Breakthrough for 2020!”

Tips for Cleaning Your Tiles!

Easy maintenance is one of the most essential qualities homeowners should look for in design materials. This is partly the reason why tiles have become a home decor staple in current times. Not only are they a versatile, good-looking material, but they are also effortless to maintain! When it comes to cleaning tiles, a little … Continue reading “Tips for Cleaning Your Tiles!”

Your Guide To Selecting The Perfect Kitchen Tile!

Designing a kitchen is no easy feat. Especially since a kitchen is such a vital part of any home.  In a way, your kitchen is the heart of your living space. It’s the place where the family gathers, meals get prepared and memories are made. For this reason, making your kitchen space beautiful and pleasant … Continue reading “Your Guide To Selecting The Perfect Kitchen Tile!”

Bathroom Tiles That Will Elevate Your Adelaide Home!

Are you looking to spruce up your Adelaide home bathroom? Switching up your bathroom tiles is the easiest way to transform your bathroom’s look completely.  The critical thing about tiling is the tremendous amount of impact it can have over any space. Outdated, old-school patterns can quickly age your area. Old-school patterns can even make … Continue reading “Bathroom Tiles That Will Elevate Your Adelaide Home!”

Looking For On-Trend Tiles Without the Hefty Pricetag? Head to Aurees Tiles Today!

Today, tiles play a significant role in the interior design world. Their use is not just limited to bathrooms and kitchens anymore. With the wide variety of trends and designs you can integrate tiles in any part of your Adelaide house. At Aurees Tiles, we have always been committed to providing our customers with a … Continue reading “Looking For On-Trend Tiles Without the Hefty Pricetag? Head to Aurees Tiles Today!”

How To Clean Your Tile Grout And Make It Look New Again!

Does your tile grout need cleaning? Is it hard to tell what the original grout colour was? Was is white or tan? Grout is the filling between the tiles. Brownish discoloured grout will make your Adelaide kitchen or bathroom look dirtier than it actually is. Regular mopping will clean the tiles only. Fortunately, there are … Continue reading “How To Clean Your Tile Grout And Make It Look New Again!”