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Today, tiles play a significant role in the interior design world. Their use is not just limited to bathrooms and kitchens anymore. With a wide variety of on-trend tiles and fabulous designs, you can integrate tiles into any part of your Adelaide house.

At Aurees Tiles, we have always provided our customers with various options. That is why we keep up with the latest tile trends. We are regularly getting tiles of different styles in our showroom. Our high-quality products, excellent customer service, and unbeatable prices have made us one of Adelaide’s largest and most trusted tile suppliers.



Since Aurees Tiles was established in 2009, we have focused on providing our clients with an extensive product range. With more than 500 varieties of tiles, you will find any style or design you are looking for at our Adelaide showroom. To keep our vast collection of tiles fresh and trendy, we have new products coming in every month.

Whether you are doing complete home remodelling or just redesigning an outdoor area, a bathroom, or a kitchen, we have got you covered. Our full range of local and imported tiles will complement all styles and designs in your Adelaide home. You can choose from our wide variety of floor, bathroom, kitchen, mosaics, and feature tiles.



We understand our full range of wall and floor tiles may overwhelm you. That is why our experienced team is dedicated to helping you make the best choice. Once you visit our Adelaide showroom, our team will hear you out and assess your needs and requirements. Based on that, they will give you their recommendations and assist you in making a selection.

Our expert advice and assistance do not end there. During the design phase of your new Adelaide house, we can also offer you our full personal selection service. It includes giving you the needed knowledge, experience, and design flair to choose the most suitable tiles for your new Adelaide home.

As your one-stop shop for all your tiling needs, we also stock all the tools needed to complete your DIY project. From spacers to glue and paint mixers, our extensive range of tiling tools and equipment comes at competitive prices.



As a factory-direct outlet, we can offer the most competitive tile prices in Adelaide. Eliminating the middleman and all the other significant overheads enables us to save on costs. These savings are then passed on to you as value-efficient tiles. That is why our tile prices are impossible to beat by our competitors in Adelaide—including on-trend tiles!

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