On Trend Tiles for Your Kitchen in 2017

In the past, tiles were often only used in kitchens as a splashback and flooring option. In the early year’s splashbacks were often colourful and filled with fruit and vegetable graphics in standard 4×4 ceramic options. Moving forward to 2017 and the average kitchen tile has undergone many changes.

Today we are seeing more people installing stone, glass, mirror or metal splash backs and occasionally even going for something more creative and using artful designs and incorporating textures and different shaped mosaics. Below we have listed some styles that have gained popularity in 2017 to help you pick a design that best suits your design tastes when designing your kitchen.


Popular Colour Choices

Grey is proving to be a favourite colour choice amongst many Australian’s this year as well as the timeless classic beige and cream colour palette. The concrete look is also proving to be increasingly popular, and designs are proving to mix natural elements and materials to achieve a look that gives a layered organic feel.

Designers are also showing more adventure when using colour in their kitchens, particularly pastel tones, while others are moving towards creating a more ‘moody’ kitchen with the use of a dark grey to a black palette.

Overall, designs are showing more layering of colours, mixing their mediums and textures to create a visually exciting space.

Wood Look

Wood-look styles are great for creating spaces that are visually interesting while remaining practical. Over time the variety of wood tiles available has increased dramatically, and in turn, the interest in installing them has increased.

These styles look incredibly realistic, but unlike timber are less susceptible to the denting, scratching, warping and cracking that affects real wooden flooring.

We offer a wide variety of wood look styles at Aurees Tiles. All are very robust and versatile and work well in kitchen flooring. Available in a wide range of colours including natural timber tones varying from light through too much richer making them perfect for a wide variety of design aesthetics.



Subway tiles are gaining popularity in both residential and commercial buildings. The name comes from their extensive use in the New York City subway. The style proves to work well in vintage, contemporary, provincial or industrial kitchens. Varying varieties of this style are available in an array of price points making them great for every budget.

This style proves to be a popular choice for splashbacks, and like other porcelain options, they are easy to clean and are not stressed by heat.


If you’re looking at re-tiling your kitchen give Aurees Tiles a call today. With the most significant tile choices available in Adelaide you can remain confident that we have something perfect for your kitchen design.