Our Best Selling Tile Styles!

Imagine walking into your home and feeling an instant rush of warmth, sophistication, and style. That’s the power of choosing the right tile. It’s not just about covering your floors or walls; it’s about creating an experience and making a statement. 


But why do tiles matter so much? Think about it. 


Your floor is more than just a surface you walk on. It’s the canvas upon which you build your sanctuary. And tiles? They’re the brushstrokes that define your space, making it uniquely yours. 


For the keen residents of Adelaide, who value both style and substance, making the right tile choice is pivotal. And we’re here to guide you every step of the way.


Whether renovating, moving into a new place, or simply looking to refresh a room, knowing the most sought-after tile styles can empower your design decisions. 


And trust us, once you’re equipped with this knowledge, there’s no stopping you from crafting spaces that aren’t just visually appealing but deeply resonate with your style.


When it comes to expressing the soul of a home, few elements have as significant an impact as the tiles you choose. 


And if you’re in Adelaide, where design and style dance together to create distinctive homes, this decision becomes even more vital. So, what tile styles are Adelaide residents indeed in love with? 


1. The Subway Tiles


Subway tiles have proven to be an unwavering choice among Adelaide homeowners. But why? These tiles can transcend various design themes, from modern minimalistic to retro chic. 


If you’re seeking versatility, subway tiles have your back. They blend tradition and innovation, making them a fantastic choice for any space.


Are you looking to accentuate your bathroom or kitchen backsplash? Subway tiles can do wonders. And for those who want to push the envelope, consider experimenting with grout colours for added pizazz.


2. Terrazzo Tiles


When you think about a tile that’s a true amalgamation of style, history, and uniqueness, terrazzo tiles in Adelaide are gaining popularity. 


With its blend of granite, quartz, marble, or glass, each tile brings a luxurious mosaic appeal. Choosing terrazzo means embedding bits of nature and art into your home.


Regularly polish your terrazzo tiles to maintain their inherent shine and make them a focal point of your home for years. 


3. Hexagonal Tiles


For those who like to deviate from the norm, hexagonal tiles offer a geometric diversion from the typical square or rectangle. 


These tiles, with their defined edges, not only cater to a contemporary aesthetic but also offer a hint of the avant-garde. Unsurprisingly, many people in Adelaide are drawn to this distinct style.


Consider contrasting colours or a gradient effect with your hexagonal tiles to create a more dynamic space.


4. Timber-Look Tiles


I love the warmth of timber floors, but not their susceptibility to scratches and dents. Enter timber-look tiles, a favourite in Adelaide. They grant you the aesthetic charm of wood without the maintenance nightmares.


Opt for matte-finish tiles for that authentic wood feel underfoot and to avoid any slipperiness in high-moisture areas.


5. Porcelain Stoneware


Porcelain stoneware is an Adelaide favourite for those chasing the natural stone look without the high maintenance. It offers the grandeur of natural stones like marble without constant upkeep.


Regular sealing isn’t necessary with porcelain stoneware, making it perfect for busy households or commercial spaces in Adelaide.


Wrap Up!

Your tile choice can redefine spaces, narrate stories, and even mirror personal style. In Adelaide, where homes are sanctuaries and expressions, make your tile decision count. Trust in the tried, tested and loved. 


And remember, when you walk on those tiles daily, they should echo beauty, durability, and your heart’s desires.