Out with the Old: Preparing Your Adelaide Home for New Tiles

Floor tiles Adelaide | Preparing Your Adelaide Home for New Tiles

Getting new floor tiles for your Adelaide home is exciting; you’re upgrading and adorning your Adelaide home with better tiles. Of course, you can leave most of the pre-care of your floor to the professionals, but there are some things you can do to prepare your Adelaide home for new tiles.

For instance, you could remove the old tiles yourself, something we’ll be telling you how to do in this guide. Of course, there’s more to preparing your home for a change of tiles, but you’ll be starting from:


Removing the tiles

The tiling company can handle the removal of your old tiles, but you can also do it yourself. First, you’ll need a hammer, chisel, and goggles to shield your eyes from stray debris.

Select a tile from the centre of the room and break it with the hammer. Once the tile is broken, use the chisel to bring out the rest of the broken tiles. Chip out the grout lines on the floor so removing the remaining tiles gets easier.

If a strong adhesive doesn’t hold down the tiles in your home, this tip will help you. However, if the tiles in your home are firmly rooted to the floor, you’ll need to use more elbow grease. And if that’s not working, call professionals to help remove the tile.


Scrape the floor

Once you remove the tiles, adhesives, dirt, and debris are usually rooted to the floor. It would be best to scrape them off to clear the floor and prep them for your incoming floor tiles. You’ll use a floor scraper to loosen all debris and sweep them up with a broom.

For old adhesives or cement, you can use a screwdriver to loosen it up.

At this point, you’ve already prepared your floor tiles for your Adelaide home. Next, considering you’re still choosing your replacement floor tiles, here are some tips that will help you:



Go for durable floor tiles for your Adelaide home that fit where you want to install them. For example, bathroom and kitchen floors need water-resistant tiles that withstand foot traffic.

Please don’t go for pretty or nice tiles to look at; you need to be sure they can perform under the right conditions.

If you’re looking for durable tiles and don’t care much for aesthetics, you’d love ceramic tiles. Marble tiles are another excellent option if you love tiles that are as beautiful as they are strong.



Consider your pocket while you’re shopping for tiles. It’s easy to get carried away by pretty tile designs and forget the budget you want to stick to. However, there are numerous tiling options you can go for without having to break the bank.


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