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Category: Beethoven Series

(c46)SGIV6S7103M Beethoven Light Grey LP 600X600

Beethoven Light Grey LP

Code: SGIV6S7103M

Size : 600*600

Surface finish: Lappato

Colour: Light Grey

Product Specifications

Code :SGIV6S7103M

Series: Beethoven

Warranty: 10 Years

Look/design: Stone

Slip Rate: R10

Size: 600*600

Surface Finish: Lappato

Colour : light Grey

Material : Porcelain

Area: Floor, Wall

Unit of Measure : SQM

Length: 600 Width: 600

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SGIV6S7105M Beethoven Dark Grey LP 600×600

SGIV6S7105M Beethoven Dark Grey LP 600×600

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