Rejuvenate Your Tired Bathroom with The Latest Tile Trends

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Your bathroom is probably the most used place in your Adelaide home. Whether you know it, your bathroom tiles in Adelaide home is where your feet land on first thing in the morning. Unfortunately, bathroom tiles tend to look old quick. 

That is because of how much foot traffic they get- the tiles will eventually start to age no matter how much you take care of them.

So, look at your bathroom now. Do you like how the tiles look? Get rid of the tired tiles and try out these latest trends of Bathroom tiles in Adelaide instead. These trends are guaranteed to serve you longer and beautify your bathroom:

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are a rare sight in the bathroom, surprising because they perform as bathroom tiles. If your bathroom is small and you want to create the illusion of space, glass tiles bounce light around the room and make small spaces appear big. 

In addition, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning aspect, which is something to consider when choosing bathroom tiles. 

Glass tiles are extremely easy to clean and don’t retain stains. Glass tiles are durable, don’t break easily, are waterproof, and have non-slippery options. – not surprising that they’re trending this year. These tiles are also extremely customisable; you can have them stained in whatever colour you like. 

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles won’t be leaving the tile trends anytime soon. Let’s start with the beauty of marble tiles – marble tiles are extremely appealing. Their shine and luminosity are second to none; no other tiling option can replicate the appeal of marble tiles. 

They speak elegance and will instantly introduce classiness into your bathroom once you have them installed.

Also, they are extremely durable and perfect for the bathroom as they’re water-resistant. They don’t shatter, so if things usually slip from your hands in your bathroom, you’ll need them on your side. Finally, they’re extremely affordable when you consider the wide range of benefits they offer. 

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are slowly stepping back into the bathroom. Their versatility makes them sought after as they can be made in a wide range of textures and materials such as limestone, granite etc. 

They’re a naturally beautiful and elegant tiling option that’s perfect for your bathroom. You’ll find stone designs that fit in with your bathroom design.

They add warmth to your bathroom because of their rich textures and soft colours. Easy to maintain, water-resistant and non-slippery, durable-stone tiles should be part of your tiling options. 

Painted Tiles

Your bathroom tiles don’t have to be boring; you can have patterns and figures drawn on them. Botanical and animal print tiles are a personal favourite. Potted plants on your walls and floors infuse nature into your bathroom without having to put actual plants in your bathroom.

Have your favourite pattern drawn on your Bathroom tiles Adelaide, whether it’s abstract designs or quotes. 

Where to find the best bathroom tiles in Adelaide

There’s no such thing as a bad idea when it comes to tiling; whatever works for you is the best. Do you have any idea about your bathroom tiles? Call us so that we can work something out!