Save Money on Designer Tiles at Aurees Tiles! 

There’s something about designer tiles that can instantly elevate a space. Think about that moment when you walk into a room, and your eyes are drawn to the floor or the walls, captivated by the intricate patterns or the luxurious sheen. Now, if you’re nodding in agreement, we’ve got great news for you. 


For all Adelaide residents with an eye for style and an innate knack for smart savings, the quest to achieve that designer aesthetic without stretching your budget is not a far-fetched dream. 


Welcome to the world of Aurees Tiles, where quality meets affordability. Established back in 2009, Aurees has become Adelaide’s go-to spot for tiles that don’t just look good but are suitable for your pockets, too. 


Why Designer Tiles are a Game-Changer

First, let’s clarify: designer tiles aren’t just about aesthetics. Sure, they add an element of luxury to any space. But beyond that, they offer durability, which, in the long run, can save you a lot of money. Think fewer replacements, less maintenance, and a timeless style that doesn’t demand frequent updates.


Aurees Tiles is Adelaide’s Best

Adelaide residents, your quest for quality and affordability converges in one place: Aurees Tiles. Since 2009, this haven of tiles in Adelaide has been blending style with savings. 


Our journey from a modest start to becoming one of Adelaide’s largest tile suppliers is inspiring. 

What’s our secret? Our unwavering commitment to quality, a diverse range, and pocket-friendly prices!


Deciphering the Quality of Tiles

Navigating the world of tiles can be overwhelming. But with some knowledge, you can confidently make choices that resonate with your style and budget. 


Quality tiles often have a consistent colour, a smooth finish, and a certain heftiness when you hold them. While slightly pricier upfront, these tiles save money in the long run. 


Why? They withstand wear and tear and demand less maintenance.


Maximising Value with Aurees Tiles

So, you’re keen on getting the most bang for your buck? Smart move! 

Shopping at Aurees can be a rewarding experience if you keep a few things in mind:


Strategic Shopping

Keep an eye out for sales and promotions. It can be a game-changer for your budget.


Bulk Discounts

Are you planning a big project? Buying in bulk might fetch you some handsome discounts. Don’t hesitate to ask!


The Aurees Advantage

What sets Aurees apart from other tile suppliers in Adelaide? It’s our genuine care for customers. We don’t just sell tiles. We offer guidance and expertise and ensure a seamless selection and installation journey. Our team is knowledgeable and eager to help you make informed choices.


Sustainable Choices with Aurees Tiles

Aurees shines brightly in an era when sustainability is essential. Your choice to buy from us isn’t just pocket-friendly but planet-friendly. We prioritise sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly practices, making your home project a green initiative.


Wrap Up!

Adelaide residents, transforming your space with style, quality, and affordability is not a dream. With Aurees Tiles, it’s a reality.