Tile Ideas For A Small Bathroom!

How To Choose Tiles For A Small Bathroom

Everyone seems to hold the same dream when it comes to their perfect Adelaide bathroom – a large, spa-like oasis. However, if you have a  bathroom that is a little on the smaller side, you’re luckier than you think you are! With a smaller space, you can indeed look at your bathroom as a whole and make it into the oasis you’ve dreamed about.

Tiles are not only the most practical flooring and wall cover for a bathroom, but also a versatile material that allows you to make a huge design impact in even the smallest of spaces. Your tiles don’t just have to be for your shower anymore, with the most stylish and modern bathrooms using them to create feature walls and unique splashbacks. Having a smaller bathroom, also means that you can also look at investing in a tile that may have been cost prohibitive to your budget if you had a larger bathroom.

At Aurees Tiles, we have been working in the tiling industry for over ten years. Our professional team work hard to source premium, stylish tiles and bring them to you at factory direct prices. Working one on one with our customers we will help them find their ideal tiling solution no matter the size of their Adelaide bathroom.

If your bathroom is a little on the smaller side and you’re looking to complete a bathroom renovation, we have listed different ways you can incorporate tiles into your small bathroom. Keep reading to find out more:

Firstly, Measure Your Space

You’ll need to measure your space to ensure that you choose a bathroom tile that will benefit your area both in functionality and aesthetics.

Large Tiles Can Be Your Friend!

Just because your bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean that your tiles have to be. Large tiles can help create the illusion of a bigger space. With fewer tiles and grout lines you’ll find that your floors and walls will look elongated.

Choose Your Colours Carefully

When it comes to working with a small bathroom space, the colour choice naturally comes down to your tastes. However, choosing tiles that are of a neutral colour scheme and tend to be light in colour will help create the look of a light, bright and more considerable space.

Speak With an Adelaide Expert

If you’re looking at using tiles to make your small bathroom into something grand, be sure to talk to one of the Aurees Tiles professional team members. With years of experience and tiling knowledge, our team will be able to steer you into your ideal tiling direction.

Be sure to call or visit the Aurees Tiles team today!