The Bathroom Tile Trend That Isn’t Going Anywhere!

That’s why you need to choose your Adelaide bathroom tiles carefully. You need to select your Adelaide bathroom tiles carefully. No one likes going through a bathroom renovation every couple of years. No more worries; Aurees Tiles is here to help you choose the bathroom tile on-trend.

So, you must select a bathroom tile trend that stays here. When it comes to bathroom tiles, there are a lot of options and directions. However, one classic bathroom tile trend has been popular throughout the years.

Hexagon tiles can be used on your Adelaide bathroom floor, shower, or backsplash. Hexagon tiles can be used on your bathroom floor, rain, or backsplash.

They can be used in numerous ways to give your Adelaide bathroom a different personality and style. Here are some ideas:


Traditional Hexagon Styles

The range of colours and finishes of hexagon tiles allows you to style them as you want. For example, you can look for a classic Adelaide bathroom look using black and white hexagon mosaic tiles. This is one of the most timeless styles in bathroom design.

The white tiles will make your Adelaide bathroom look and feel bigger. In comparison, the black tiles will add an edgier look. You can add a modern twist to this style by replacing the black hexagon tiles with shiny silver tiles.

The shiny colour will add a sparkle to your Adelaide bathroom. It will make it feel brighter as well.


Both Walls and Floors

Wherever you place them, hexagon tiles will impact the design of your Adelaide bathroom. You can go all the way and use hexagon tiles for the walls and the floor. In addition, you can use the same tiles in two color variations to create a smooth transition.

You can also add a vibrant pop to your Adelaide bathroom by using a bolder tile colour for the walls. In this case, you must use a more neutral tile colour for the bathroom floor.


Play With Scale 

A great way to add an exciting look to your Adelaide bathroom is to mix and match the sizes of tiles. For example, you can use larger tiles on the walls than on the floor and the same ones on a smaller scale. You can also play with the colours of the tiles.

However, try to choose both tiles from the same part of the colour wheel to create a smooth look. At Aurees Tiles, we offer an extensive range of local and imported bathroom tiles. As an Adelaide factory outlet, our tiles come at a competitive price.

Our team can help you find the best tiles for your Adelaide bathroom. Choose bathroom tile trends that will stand the test of time. Visit our Adelaide showroom today!