The Best Tiles For a Modern Kitchen

Modern Adelaide kitchens are sophisticated tiles designs, high-tech kitchen equipment, and stainless design. Your kitchen tiles play a huge role in how modern or traditional your kitchen looks- it’s not something to be overlooked.

Tiles put all the décor in your kitchen together- you could say it lays the foundation or finishes the overlook. Whatever it is, tiles are one of the top things you should plan for when you’re designing your kitchen.

Here are some of the best tiles you should consider for a modern kitchen: 

Neutral hexagonal-shaped tiles

Marble tiles, as you know, have a way of giving a sophisticated look to any space they’re in. Marble tiles in your Adelaide kitchen will transform it into a futuristic-looking kitchen. But it doesn’t end at plain marble tiles; take it a step further by selecting marble tiles with hexagonal designs.

These marble tiles have complex triangle patterns on them that are bound to give anyone who enters your kitchen something to stare at. You can get the marble tiles in a mix of white, grey, or black.

Mix different tile styles

Uniform tiles are the norm in any conservative home area, such as the kitchen. However, there’s a new mixture of tiles you can try out in your kitchen. You can mix wood flooring and marble tiles in your kitchen. 

We know what you’re thinking “how would this even look?” The answer is amazing.

Wooden flooring is one thing most people would love to get in their kitchen, but they aren’t suitable as kitchen tiles. They’re hard to maintain and don’t perform well in wet areas. It would be best to try Marble tiles in areas like these.

The beautiful transition between marble and wood flooring creates an “otherworldly” look, making it a good pick for modern kitchen tiles. 

Grid Kitchen Tiles in your Adelaide Home

If you love order and architectural design in your Adelaide kitchen, you’ll love this pattern of tiles.

Grid patterned tiles are a favourite in any modern kitchen design with a clean and minimalistic design. These tiles give order to any kitchen they’re placed in, especially with wall-to-wall windows. 

Why not go with colour?

You don’t always have to go for cool-toned coloured tiles in a modern kitchen. Instead, you can explore all the colour options available.

What makes a kitchen modern isn’t limited to the colour- the type of furniture and kitchen equipment you have also played a huge influence. So, for example, you can play with your kitchen tiles in bright colours such as pink, sky blue, etc. 

You can have pink coloured tiles on the floor and your backdrop. The seamless blend of colours with your equipment will help you get the modern kitchen design you desire.

Need New Kitchen Tiles in your Adelaide Home?

Aurees tiles can assist you with getting any of the aforementioned tiles in your kitchen. All you need to do is tell us your budget and preference – we’ll handle the rest. 

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