The Best Way to Clean Your Tiles in Your Adelaide Home

Tiles Adelaide | Best Way to Clean Your Tiles

Finding the best way to clean your tiles in your Adelaide home is hard. It looks very easy, but finding a lasting cleaning solution for your home’s tiles is not an easy feat. 

Getting the proper cleaning supplies and knowing the solutions that won’t leave streaks behind are some things you’ll be considering.

However, one mistake many people make is using any cleaning hack instead of finding hacks tailored to their tiles. For instance, use cleaning tips meant for porcelain tiles for your marble tiles. Here are different cleaning tips and the tiles they’ll work for:

The first thing you need to know before you begin cleaning your tiles is that they need to be clean of dirt. Sweep every corner of the floor with a broom and ensure there’s no dirt, dust or debris on the floor. A dirt-free floor makes all the difference, and we’ll be treating cleaning in this guide as mopping

Porcelain and ceramic tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles aren’t exactly similar, but they are both made out of clay and can therefore be cleaned in the same way. One thing you should note is that avoid using excess water when cleaning any of these tiles. A damp mop or rag is more than enough to clean them properly; you don’t have to soak them in water to get to all the dirt.

Don’t use harsh cleaning solutions for your ceramic tiles; use mild detergent and mops to clean them. Dip your mop into warm detergent water and begin mopping; you should notice a considerable difference between the before and after.

Ensure you change the mop water frequently, so you’re not just spreading the dirt over the tiles. For more stubborn dirt, go over that stain with slightly more detergent than you’d use on the other tiles.

Stone tiles

The cleaning of stone tiles such as slate, granite etc., is peculiar because they have certain features to consider. Firstly, they are porous, which means that they absorb water easily. 

Due to this, they don’t react well when they come in contact with chemicals. The chemicals will damage the stone, so if you’ve been using chemicals to clean your stone tiles, you should stop now.

You should use detergent to clean your stone tiles. However, even when you want to use detergent, you should ensure it’s not too acidic.

Marble tiles

As durable as marble tiles are, they’re also very fragile, and you need to be careful in how you clean them. You can’t use scouring powder or harsh cleaning solutions on the marble tiles because they can scratch off the surface. Don’t use brushes on the tiles; use a soft cotton mop.

Another thing is that you should never use chemical solutions on marble tiles, no vinegar or lemon DIYs. Instead, use detergent or any mild cleaning solution on your marble tiles.

Need help with your tiles in your Adelaide home

Sometimes, all you need to clean your tiles properly is to know what it needs. However, harmful cleaning practices can damage the tiles in your Adelaide home, and if this is your case, you should consider changing them. Aurees tiles can help you with tiling solutions that will last your Adelaide home for a long time.