The Difference Between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

The Difference Between Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Once you’ve narrowed down your tiles choices for your Adelaide home, the big question is whether to choose ceramic or porcelain tiles. The two tiles are excellent tiling materials that perform best in their respective areas, but then it all comes down to whether they’d perform in the place you want them to.

Knowing the difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles will help you know which you would love to have in your Adelaide home best. Here are some differences between porcelain and ceramic tiles:

How Are Tiles Adelaide Made?

The differences between porcelain and ceramic tiles start right from their production process. Ceramic tiles are made with three different clay types: red, white or brown clay. These clays are fired at high temperatures to reduce their water content.

They are then moulded into their square shape, and a glaze is applied to them. And for those with designs, their particular patterns. 

Unlike ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles are made from one type of clay, white clay, and during their production, finely grounded sand and feldspar are added to them. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are fired at high temperatures, but porcelain is treated far more elevated than ceramic tiles. 


Porcelain and ceramic tiles also differ in how much water they absorb.

Water Resistance

Porcelain tiles are dense and highly resistant to water; some would say they’re water-resistant. This water resistance makes them perfect in wet areas of your Adelaide home, such as the bathroom or kitchen. 

Ceramic tiles absorb water due to their low porosity, which is how much they tend to retain or absorb moisture. This makes them a poor choice in areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. On the other hand, they’d spoil quick and perform poorly, so they’re better in low traffic areas. 


The appearance of ceramic and porcelain tiles is another way people can tell them apart. There are two types of porcelain tiles when it comes to appearance; full-body and glazed porcelain tiles. Full-body porcelain tiles have the same colour and design all through; they’re not glazed. 

Glazes give glazed tiles their colour, design and shine. This means that once they’re chipped, there’s a noticeable difference, as the actual material of the tiles will show. Unlike glazed tiles, full-body porcelain tiles don’t show signs when they’re chipped. This makes them perfect in areas of the house or building with high foot traffic; you could put it outside, in your kitchen, reception, kitchen walls etc. 

Glazed porcelain tiles are better in places like the room, office etc. All ceramic tiles are glazed, so the areas they perform in are the same as that of glazed porcelain tiles.


There’s a significant cost difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are more expensive than ceramic tiles due to their water resistance, durability etc. 

The tiles you choose to get in your Adelaide home depends on your needs, preference, budget etc. However, you don’t have to go through the tile selection process alone. Our experts at Aurees tiles would be more than happy to help you choose the tiles that you’ll love for years to come.