These Tile Styles Are Making a Big Comeback in 2023

Tiling styles have been around for centuries and have been instrumental in creating some of the world’s most marvellous structures. This unique feature can make or break a home, space, or design.


But then, how they affect a structure, building, or space depends on the kind of design installed in a home. It means that there are excellent tile designs and less-excellent tile designs.


Every year, we see different tile designs surface; some fade, while others stay on. So, as a homeowner looking to add tiles in Adelaide to your home, you must know the recent and trending tile styles to make an excellent choice for tile design.


This article will outline tile designs 2023 for designs in your Adelaide home. These designs are:


1. Warm, deep colours 


Before 2023, the usual array of tile colours used in homes was neutral, but they made colours for tile design predictable.


Hence, 2023 ushered in a shift in colour choice, as many homeowners prefer warm, deep colours. This set of shades allows for different colour combinations in a home to depict something and add sophistication and unpredictability.


While neutrals provided some variety, it wasn’t as much as you’d find with warmer, deeper tones. With friendly, deep colours, homeowners have a more comprehensive range of colour combinations for their tile designs.


2. Terracotta tones 


There is something about this design that has made it a statement for many years. Some homeowners prefer it because it offers a cosy appeal; others prefer its inviting look.


However, these tile styles are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to add warmth, personality, and classic taste to their homes.


3. Large-scale terrazzo tiles


This tile style has remained relevant since its introduction in the 1970s. It is one of the most durable and low-maintenance tile styles available today.


These qualities have been pivotal in remaining relevant for years; thus, it will be ideal if you want a low-maintenance and durable tile style for your home.


4. Unique wood-look tiles 


These tile styles resemble tiles made from various materials, not wood. Some of these materials include marble, porcelain, and glass.


They offer the warmth, durability, and natural look of wood, thus making them an excellent choice for a home looking to retain a genuine yet unique appeal.


5. Fluted-shape tile styles


This style features pencil- or flute-shaped tiles and is predominantly used to design walls. They offer a curved, soft-flowing appeal as they add dimension and texture to a home.




Many tile styles are coming back in 2023, but these are the top ones. No doubt, these styles can give your home a unique, inviting, and outstanding appeal.


Of course, Aurees Tiles is among the few professionals offering different tile-style services. So, you can contact them now for excellent tile styles.