Ways To Get Your Tile Grout Looking Like New!

Few people know what grout is. In simple terms, grout is the thin cement line between your house’s tiles. So, in your Adelaide house, your tiles’ grout is the filling that’s between the tiles. The grout of the tiles in most Adelaide homes is white, so they quickly get dirty. It’s never too late to use a natural tile grout cleaner to get them back to their original colour.

Here are some ways you can get your tile’s grout looking like new:


Scrub vigorously

Sometimes, what your grout needs is a good scrub. If your grout is relatively new or the stains aren’t that bad, you can still redeem it. Get a good bristle brush and scouring powder. The scouring powder’s abrasive nature will help lift all the dirt and grime from the grout. And if you don’t have scouring powder, there’s a suitable alternative: baking soda.

Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray all over your grout. Let the mixture sit for some minutes, and then go in with your sturdy bristle brush.


Use a bleaching solution.

If scrubbing seems too rigorous and stressful, you can bleach your tiles. You can mix bleach with water and spray it all over your grout. Let this mixture sit for minutes, and then use a clean rag or mop to clean it away. Use this bleaching solution daily on your grout until you get your desired results.

If you don’t have bleach, vinegar is also a good substitute, thanks to its acidic nature. Use the vinegar-like vinegar like bleach; don’t mix them, and you’ll get the desired results from this natural tile grout cleaner.


Get new tiles

You tried everything you could, but your grout still shows no signs of improvement. Get new tiles. Getting new tiles in your Adelaide home means automatically getting new grout so you can start afresh. Getting new tiles is a good option because it’ll let you take care of your grout from the start.

If you’re scared of getting new tiles because of the cost, don’t worry. Aurees tiles are budget-friendly, and you can choose from a wide range of tiles. You can contact us to make your enquiries or walk into our shop. Let’s help you make your grout look new.