The Tile That Looks Good Anywhere!

With thousands of tile options available in the market today, it is a challenging task to find the perfect tile for your Adelaide home or even narrow down your choices. But what if we told you that there is ONE tile that would suit any location and complement every room’s decoration?

Marble tiles are not only durable but also stunning. Their range of vibrant natural colours and textures make them the perfect tiles for the floor, the shower, the kitchen and even the stairs.

The beauty of marble tiles is that they can pair well with almost any style of decoration. They will add a sophisticated look to any part of your Adelaide house.

Timeless And Durable

Did you know that marble is one of the oldest used building materials in the world? For thousands of years, it has been and still is very high in demand. Its popularity goes back to the era of Ancient Greece, where it was used to construct magnificent structures and decorate the lavish floors and hallways for the kings.

It is a testament to the durability and timelessness of marble. It has never gone out of style – since the Greco-Roman era. Moreover, marble tiles have come a long way. Today, there are different styles and sizes of marble tiles for you to choose from.

Although marble tiles made the material more flexible and affordable to use in different locations in your Adelaide house, some marble options still fall outside of the average price range.

Same Look For Less

If marble tiles are too expensive for you, do not worry. You can still get the same stunning look for a more affordable price. Marble-looking tiles are made out of less costly materials, like ceramic and porcelain. They come in a wide range of colours and patterns to achieve the same smooth and sophisticated look like the real marble stone.

Porcelain tiles that look like Carrara marble are the most popular marble-looking tiles. Many professional interior designers and decorators highly recommend Carrara-look porcelain tiles, as they are the closest you could get to the smooth marble look. They capture the durability and the natural veining of real Carrara marble.

Carrara Marble Tiles

Its pristine whiteness and linear veins make it the most popular type of marble. Traditionally, it is a popular material for sculptures. Today, Carrara marble tiles are widely used in many rooms and locations throughout the house, especially the bathrooms, because of the dramatic texture and richness of the tiles.

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