Tile Patterns and Layout Designs

Unleash your creativity with tile patterns and layout designs from Aurees Tiles, the premier tile provider in Adelaide. Enhance your space with versatile styles and create visual impact with our extensive range of tiles and grout colours.


Choosing tiles for your Adelaide home opens endless opportunities to get creative and explore various styles. Creating multiple patterns with tiles of the same size, colour, and shape is possible.


Every layout style will give the room a different look. That is why you must choose your tiles’ layout styles wisely.


Using the same tiles, you can create as subtle or bold designs as you wish. Changing the tiles’ layout styles will visually impact the proportions of your space. In addition, you can use various tile styling tricks to add impact and uniqueness to your area.


Let’s explore some of them:


Create space-stretching effects.


Of course, the colour and size of the tiles play a critical role in making the room feel smaller or more spacious. However, different tile patterns and styles can also help stretch the visual space.


Installing tiles vertically, for example, will draw the eye up. This will help make the ceiling appear higher.


To widen the visual appearance of a room, try installing tiles in horizontal pattern styles. This tile design gives the illusion of a more expansive space. Installing tiles in a diagonal pattern is another good option for cramped spaces.


Make Some Drama


Walls and floors in some interior layouts need eye-catching tile designs to avoid looking dull. As a result, herringbone tile patterns are common in residential construction.


Taking something as classic as subway tiles and fixing them in a herringbone pattern can make a lot of difference. Then, mix these styles with bold tile or grout colour choices for added drama. It all depends on the impact you want to create with your tile styles.


Add Depth


Installing different tile patterns and layout designs will surely change the entire look of any room. Yet, many people tend to forget about the impact of grout on the final look of tile styles. The combination of tile styles and grout colours makes a huge difference.


Pairing light-coloured tiles with darker grout colours will create depth and dimension. In addition, it will add some warmth to the coldness of white tile styles. Dark grout is also more practical.


Stains are not visible in dark grout colours. That’s why it’s best to use dark grout when tiling a kitchen backsplash.


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