Tile Trends You Won’t Regret!

Tile Trends Adelaide

Tiles are a versatile design element that can help you transform your Adelaide kitchen, bathrooms and beyond. Tiles are especially useful for those wanting to refresh an outdated space quickly and affordably. To create the most stylish effect, you’ll have to consider the latest tile trends. At the same time, fashionable designs should be cautiously evaluated for their long-lasting potential. The last thing you want to do as a homeowner is to invest in a tile renovation that will quickly go out of style. Before you make up your mind, check out our blog post with classic tile trends in Adelaide that will look good for years to come!

Tile Trends for Your Adelaide Home that Won’t Go Out of Style

Neutral Colour Are an Adelaide Tile Trend

In design, favourite colours change every season. While you might be loving the chic bright colour in current design magazines now, that might not be true a few months later. It can be easy to be carried away while your tile shopping and end up making a decision that is too showy for your Adelaide home.

Unless you want to change up your tiles every passing year, we suggest you incorporate tile style trends in neutral colours. Not only are neutral colours aesthetically pleasing, but they are also always in style.

Classic Patterns Are Not Just a Tile Trend in Adelaide

Patterned tiles are the easiest way to add a fun element to your walls, floors or other surfaces. If you are considering adding patterned tiles to your Adelaide home, go for the classic patterns. Neutral geometric patterns and herringbone are both currently popular and timeless. For the subtlest of effects, you can also consider neutral collared subway tiles for walls or backsplashes.

Opt for Dark

While a few years back, white surfaces reigned over the design world, we are starting to see a shift towards darker surfaces. Incorporating darker tile, especially in your bathroom, is a great way to make your Adelaide home trendier. Opting for a luxurious black, concrete grey or natural brown would be your best choice, as these colours are ageless and easy to use. Another option to consider, if you want something slightly more colourful, is incorporating royal blue tile. Dark blue tile is fun enough for trend lovers but classic enough to look great through the years.

Bottom Line:

Are your tiles looking outdated? Why not replace them with a style that won’t age as poorly as your previous one? As you update your Adelaide home, try to find a balance between classic and trendy styles. Incorporating trends in traditional ways will allow you to enjoy your tile investment for the longest possible time. At Aurees Tiles, we have a wide selection of stylish options that will highlight the timeless beauty of your home.

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