Which Tile Size Is Best For A Small Room?

Tiles in Adelaide

Working on a small space poses a great set of challenges. The goal for most Adelaide homeowners is to use design elements such as tiles as smartly as possible. This enables them to make their small rooms more inviting and spacious.

The smaller your space is, the more critical each design choice becomes. Tile selection, for example, is one of the intuitive factors affecting the feel of your space.

But, which kind of tile should you pick? Read on and find out!

The Best Tiles for Your Small Adelaide Rooms

There are two types of tiles you can incorporate into your small Adelaide rooms and create an illusion of space. These are the two tiling strategies you should keep in mind:

Using Large Tiles

Your eyes tend to notice the small divisions between one tile and the next. Each time our eyes cross over a line, our sight is interrupted.

However, when big tiles are installed in a small room, our sight is barely interrupted at all. This creates the illusion of openness and helps make a small room feel less crowded.

At the same time, subconsciously our brain is aware that the room is able to fit large-sized objects. This leads us to feel like the room we’re in is more significant than it is.

If you want to boost space in your small Adelaide rooms, large-sized tiles are a trick you will want to try.

Using Tiny Tiles

While it might sound counterintuitive after the last recommendation, super small tiles can also work in your favour.

Teeny tiny tiles can also create the illusion of space. The science behind this is a little like a mind trick. As our brain processes the image of a room, it is aware of a large number of tiles that fit into a room. In turn, this creates an underlying feeling that the space we are in is more significant than it actually is.

Other Space Boosting Elements to Look For In Tiles

When trying to make a small space appear larger, light is your best ally. Anything that reflects a large amount of light will make your small Adelaide room appear more spacious and open.

This is why we advise homeowners looking to create the illusion of open space to opt for light coloured or glossy tiles. Light coloured tiles will invite light into your room. Additionally, a glossy surface will reflect light for an added perception of space

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