Unique Tile Styles We Love in Adelaide!

For years in Adelaide, we have been choosing uniquely styled tiles. We have come to love them as the more durable, hassle-free alternative to natural stone. With the recent designs and technologies, tiles are also now replacing wooden floors. That is why nowadays, tiles are becoming a must-have in every room of Adelaide homes.

The bold and creative designs of tiles will add a dramatic touch to the décor of your Adelaide house. They will give it character and personality. Here are some of the unique tile styles we love at Aurees Tiles:

Wood-Look Tiles Are Big in Adelaide!

Who does not love wooden floors! The only problem is that natural wood is too high maintenance. Wood-look tiles will help you get that classic design, minus all the hassle that comes with it. 

Tiles have been mastering the art of disguise, from resembling natural stone to timber floors. We have tiles that mimic all the hottest timber flooring designs. They will make your Adelaide home feel warmer and more elegant. 


In this style, the tiles are installed in V-shaped rows, instead of straight. The herringbone pattern makes the floor appear wider. It is a great way to make your Adelaide home feel more spacious. To highlight the design, use a contrasting grout colour. It will make the herringbone style pop out more.


It is one of the trendiest tile styles right now. The hexagon layout is perfect for unconventional spaces in your Adelaide home. You can get more creative with this design and experiment with tiles colours. Use two or three different colours of tiles and install them randomly. They will create a more fun and exciting pattern that will make a grand statement in your Adelaide house.


This tiles pattern is not very conventional. However, it is excellent for small bathrooms in your Adelaide house. To mimic the look of a spinning pinwheel, add a small square tile to each corner of the larger squared tiles. You can choose a bold colour for the small tiles and use the same colour around the room to tie the whole look together. 

Basket Weave Mosaics

It is a timeless tiles design that can be styled differently to give your Adelaide home a classic or a contemporary look. Use mosaic tiles with rectangular tiles to resemble the look of the over-and-under stitching motion of a woven basket.

You can find all these tiles styles and more at our Adelaide showroom. At Aurees Tiles, we pride ourselves on having an extensive range of tiles that suit all styles and designs. We stock more than one hundred different varieties of tiles at the most competitive prices in Adelaide.

Find Uniquely Styled Tiles in Adelaide at Aurees!

Our experienced team understands how the right choice of tiles can change the entire look and feel of your Adelaide home. They will gladly work with you to find the best style of tiles for your needs and requirements. 

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