Check Out These Tile Cleaning Tips!

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Cleaning your Adelaide home’s tiles is very important, as clean tiles equal a clean home. If your tiles are always dirty, it will make your Adelaide home look dirty by default. One mistake many homeowners make is that they use one method to clean all their tiles. Tiles are different and different tiles require different cleaning techniques. Also, one way to discolour your tiles permanently is to let stains stay on the surface for long. Once you notice a stain on your tile, make sure you clean it immediately. 

Whether you are using ceramic, marble, or stone tiles, these cleaning tips are sure to come in handy. 

Cleaning stone tiles (a top choice in Adelaide)

When you’re cleaning stone tiles like granite, slate, or marble, you’ll need to be careful. The chemicals in many cleaners can damage stone tiles, so you’ll need to clean them with cleaning solutions meant for stone tiles.

Here are some helpful cleaning tips you can use to clean your stone tile:

  • Marble tiles: For marble tiles, avoid cleaners that are highly acidic and contain things like lemon and vinegar. Also, avoid using rough cleaning brushes that may scratch the marble tiles of your Adelaide home.
  • Slate tiles: Use only mild cleaners to clean your slate tiles and make sure you dry it whenever you see it is wet.
  • Granite tiles: The same thing applies for granite tiles; avoid using acidic cleaning solutions. Also, brush it regularly so it can maintain its shine.

Cleaning ceramic and porcelain tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are easy to maintain. You should make sure you:

  • Sweep or vacuum the tiles whenever you notice they are getting dirty. 
  • Avoid using sponge mops, as they will make the tiles dirtier. Instead, use synthetic mops or rags along with mild detergent.
  • Whenever you find a stain, use the right cleaner for that stain to get it out effectively.
  • You can use a homemade vinegar or lemon cleaner on your ceramic or porcelain tiles to make them shine if they look dull even after cleaning it.
  • Immediately after washing your tiles, dry them. 

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles don’t require a lot of cleaning, as they are more durable. Sweep or vacuum your tiles whenever you notice it’s dirty. Use cleaning solutions formulated especially for vinyl tiles; don’t use acidic solutions. You should also remember not to use stiff brushes to clean your vinyl tiles.

Once you identify the type of tiles you have in your Adelaide home, cleaning it will become easy. If you’re thinking of changing your tiles, we, at Aurees Tiles offer a wide range of tiles in different colours and designs.

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